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UPDATED: Bladensburg Firefighter Ethan Sorrell now breathing on his own. Tube removed. Check out work of DC Firefighters Burn Foundation.

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DC Firefighters Burn Foundation website

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UPDATE: PGFD Chief Spokesman Mark Brady who has been keeping us up to date on the injured firefighters has this report, received a little after 6:00 PM -

The injured firefighters, Ethan Sorrell and Kevin O'Toole, continue to show signs of progress each and every day.  The volunteers firefighters are still in the Burn Unit ICE at Medstar at the Washington Hospital Center.

Ethan had his breathing tube removed and is now breathing on his own. His spirits have increased as he was encouraged to walk the hallways and had the opportunity to spend time with some visitors.

Kevin had skin graph surgery performed on several of his burns today and we were told that it went well.

Both Ethan and Kevin are currently resting at the Doctors direction.


This picture and caption posted just before 4:00 PM on the DC Firefighters Burn Foundation Facebook page shows Bladensburg VFD Firefighter Ethan Sorrell surrounded by family after being taken off of a ventilator. Obviously a good sign that he is breathing on his own, but no official word on updates on Firefighter Sorrell's condition or the condition of Firefighter Kevin O'Toole.

It's a good time to tell you about the great work the DC Firefighters Burn Foundation does. The members of the Foundation are a constant presence whenever a firefighter shows up at the Medstar Burn Unit of the Washington Hospital Center. I have talked to many firefighters who have found themselves in the burn unit and each one and their families always mention the support provided by the DC Firefighters Burn Foundation. Make sure you support them.

From the Foundation's website here is a description of what they do:

The D.C. Firefighters Burn Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization founded by active and retired Washington, D.C. Firefighters. The Foundation is dedicated to assisting in the recovery and rehabilitation of injured firefighters and burn patients in the D.C. Metropolitan Area. We support burn research, treatment, and rehabilitation programs at Washington Hospital Center as well as the Children's Burn Camp Program. Firefighters and members of the Burn Center have a special empathy for burn victims. No other group witnesses more of the devastation that fire wreaks on the human body and spirit.

Our board of directors is made up of active and retired D.C. firefighters and our membership consists of firefighters, medical professionals, burn survivors, and other interested volunteers from the community. All members of our organization serve on a voluntary basis.


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  • D. Diggler

    As a Big City – DC Fireman, who frankly walks on water. I wanted to take this moment to tell you, that I and many others obviously are very happy with the results we are seeing. We wish you all, a FULL, and as, speedy a recovery as possible, under the circumstances, we will be thinking of you and your FAMILIES as you work through this. I salute all you young men, for your efforts as firefighters, and after the Monday morning quarterbacking fades; we will, and need to learn from our experiences to pass them on to future Fireman.
    In addition, I would like to give another BIG SALUTE, to the WHC Medstar Burn Unit, and even more, the WASHINGTON DC BURN FOUNDATION, you people are all PRO’S in my book, and currently seem to be the only thing FUCTIONOING properly in DC, that closely resembles, what the BROTHERD is about!
    Regards, DD

  • mdff

    The recovery road will be long, organizations such as the DC (DCFD) Burn Foundation look out for their brothers and make that road as smooth as possible. Keep up the great work.

  • Silver

    Thoughts and prayers to those involved; very brave young men. Anyone that can relay to Ethan, tell him that Silver is thinking of him, he'll know who it is.
    If he comes back to N.C. during his recovery and I can do anything to help him or the family, please hit me up or have his parents hit me up. He has my e-mail address…

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