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A view from the command post: Video of house fire in Tracy, California.

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This fire was Sunday shortly after 5:00 PM on Berverdor Ave in Tracy, California.

Tracy Press:

Fire crews arriving to the scene found the front of the two-story home on fire with heavy smoke and flame coming out of the south and west wall windows.

According to Tracy Fire division chief Andrew Kellogg the residents of the home said they were frying food on the kitchen stove top. Fire crews believe the oil overheated and flashed over igniting nearby kitchen cabinets.

Kellogg said nearly 75 percent of the first floor of the home was ablaze when crews began to fight the fire.

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  • fedup

    Nice quick engine work…Looks like they only have one truck in town from their website….no aerial to the roof…one ext ladder thrown….we can argue vertical vent but regardless if they should or shouldnt have it looks like it was started way late into the operation.  Cant see whole building but for a house that had "75% of the first floor off" the send floor front windows werent vented.  Sure the fire went out in a timely fashion but what about any potential victims on the 2nd floor and or 2nd means of egress for operations on the second floor? 

  • Anacostia County

    The officer on the Truck Co. should lead by example. BUCKLE YOUR WAIST STRAP.  Also the guys that were the RIT just stood in the front yard.  Maybe they should of done a quick 360 of the house to check for other entrances for them/egress points for interior ops just incase something went down.

  • 95%er

    fire went out quickly. chief coulda shoulda found a better place for his buggy. they weren't getting ladders off the back of that rig, nor could they move another piece in if things went bad.

  • The Up North Guy

    I would agree that the RIT crew should have been more proactive.  Command did a great job staying stationary and he could have moved his vehicle at any time to facilitate Ladders or Water Supply.  Vertical vent – who knows we can only see the front, appears that they had a good knock on the fire..All in All, Not a Bad Job!!

  • Small Town

    May be a West Coast vs East Coast thing but, can't the IC get out of the SUV and  AT LEAST do his own 360? From his vantage point he may have well used a web cam and stayed in the office.