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San Diego FD captain & two firefighters charged with robbery & assault. Police say they found stolen property on firefighters after fight.

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Three San Diego firefighters were arrested on suspicion of robbery and assault in connection with a weekend run-in with two brothers on a Normal Heights roadside, authorities disclosed Tuesday.

(Captain) Vadid Cisneros, 36, Andrew Brennan, 29, and Gregory Econie, 26, allegedly attacked the siblings, ages 44 and 46, following an exchange of words near the intersection of Adams Avenue and 34th Street shortly after 2 a.m. Sunday, according to San Diego police.

Los Angeles Times:

The incident allegedly began when the firefighters, after a night of drinking, got into a scuffle with a man in the Normal Heights neighborhood. Minutes later, the man and his brother — both in their mid-40s — confronted the firefighters and a second fight ensued, according to officials.

One of the brothers reported being hit in the head with a rock. The firefighters allegedly took wallets from the two, and Brennen allegedly warned the two not to report the incident to police.

Along with assault and robbery, Brennen has been charged with intimidating a witness to a crime.

Two assailants restrained at least one of the victims while a third assaulted him, said police Lt. Andra Brown. One of the victims told police he thought he had been hit in the head with a rock, causing him to black out.

The attackers then took the brothers’ wallets and cellphones. Brown said one of the assailants allegedly made a threat, saying: “We know who you are and where you live.”

The victims gave vague descriptions of their attackers, and officers spotted the potential suspects shortly after in the same area. The stolen property was recovered, Brown said.


San Diego Fire Department Spokesperson Maurice Luque told NBC San Diego the men have not been placed on administrative leave, saying these are just charges and the police department is continuing its investigation.

He also said this is a personnel matter and the fire department is conducting an administrative review to see if there is grounds for any other discplinary actions.

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  • Former Chief

    Going on the premise of "innocent until proven guilty", if these allegations are true, another black eye for the fire service.  Again at a time in our history where many people do not appreciate what we do.  I'm hoping that these individuals are on "administrative duty" until this is resolved.