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UPDATE – Must listen to radio traffic & damage video: Tornado destroys Kentucky firehouse. Milton Fire & Rescue Station 2 hit this afternoon. Department featured in videos on

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Trimble County fire & rescue live audio


This is a message this evening on Facebook from Milton Fire & Rescue Chief Jason Long:

We lost a Station, an Engine, fish fry trailer, ice trailer, gear, radios, pagers, ETC. We had one member inside and he was not hurt. The only part left standing was the small part he was in. WE WILL REBUILD AND WE WILL NOT STOP OUR EFFORTS AT PROTECTING THIS COUNTY. Great job by all people involved. I could not be prouder of this county for the way it has handled this day. Thank you to everybody, I am very proud. Thank you to all thos who have requested to help us in our time of need. I can't say thanks enough.


Above is a picture from Milton Fire & Rescue's website of what Station 2 used to look like. The firehouse, in Trimble County, Kentuky near the Ohio River, was reported to be leveled this afternoon by what has been described as a tornado.

Here's what the Courier-Journal is reporting:

There were no injuries because no one was inside the station on Ky. 421 near Kings Ridge Road, said firefighter recruit Joey McQueary, who was answering phones at the department’s main station.

McQueary said the department is all-volunteer and all fire personnel were at headquarters when the other station was hit.

Radio traffic from Radioman911 on JustinTV as tornadoes are spotted approaching and hitting Milton Fire & Rescue Station 2. Firefighter describes station destroyed at 5:26.

On January 22 we showed you video of Milton Fire & Rescue handling a house fire on Palmyra Road. In fact, since 2008 we have featured a series of dash-cam videos from Milton Chief Jason Long (June, 2009 and August, 2008).

We are glad all the firefighters are safe and wish Chief Long and the department a speedy recovery from today's storms.

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  • Anonymous

    my prayers go out to chief long and his crews of milton fire dept.

  • rural chief

    Hopefully, they have good insurance to cover the losses. They will need financial help to replace the building, trucks and equipment, to protect their community. 

  • Radioman911

    Very sad. In 2 days we are at 91 reported tornadoes. 180 is the entire March record set from 1976. Working on a clip from Clark Co IN now as well. Please "Like" my Radioman911 Facebook Page at if you would like to receive alerts about live national weather emergency radio traffic. Please forward to your friends! Thanks for the plug Dave. Keep up the great work. And God bless the folks from all the regions affected.

  • Radioman911

    Here is the recording from southern Indiana. The Clark Co fire feed went down so this feed is mostly police although there are some fire/rescue users on this recording from Indiana's SAFE-T trunked system…

  • 7House

    I recall a Milton FD member several years ago telling me they were hurting, both with money and members, so this is the last thing they need. Any word on how those southern Indiana FDs are doing?  Also I heard a West Liberty Ky took a direct hit including the firehouse, but no word on how bad it was for them. I'm sure Dave will keep us updated & how to heelp these departments. Sorry I dont have a Facebook page I want anyone to "like" in all of this.

  • Radioman911

    7House, I'm also sorry that Facebook uses the term "like" since it sounds insensitive. Please understand that advising people about major incidents and providing educational recordings is our goal.