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More from Abbotsford, WI: Memorial fund & arrangements for Colby FD Lt. Jamison Kampmeyer.

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Large series of still pictures from the Abby Theater fire

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UPDATE – Shortly after we posted the video above the owner of the clip received a request from local firefighters to make the video private until after Lt. Kampmeyer's funeral. She has honored that request.

Arrangements for Colby FD Lt. Jamison Kampmeyer:

Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Friday, March 9, 2012, at St Bernard's Catholic Church, Abbotsford. Father Daniel Hackel will officiate.

Burial will be in St. Mary's Cemetery, Colby. Members of the Marathon County Sherriff's Department, Colby Volunteer Fire Department and the Marathon County Honor Guard will serve as pallbearers. Visitation will be held from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday, March 8, 2012, at St Bernard's Catholic Church, Abbotsford and on Friday from 9:30 a.m. until service time at the church.


This is video from Julie Miklaszewicz who runs RVing Outpost, LLC – On-Line Store! and also took the still pictures of yesterday's fire in Abbotsford, Wisconsin that killed Colby Fire Department Lt. Jamison Kampmeyer.

Lt. Kampmeyer, who was also a deputy sheriff in Marathon County, was 34 and leaves behind a wife and three young children.


“There's a lot of confusion right now as to why it had to happen,” (Abbotsford Fire Chief Jody) Apfelbeck said.

The fire chief said while attacking flames from inside the theater, the call went out to crews to get out of the building but some didn’t get the warning in time.

“The roof collapsed, trapping three firefighters inside. One firefighter, Jamison Kampmeyer of Colby, a volunteer with the Colby fire Department and a deputy with the Marathon County Sheriff's Department was fatally injured,” Apfelbeck said.


A memorial fund has been established in honor of firefighter who lost his life Sunday during a fire in Abbotsford.

All donations can be directed to Integrity First Bank, Attention Terri Knoeck, 101 Grand Avenue, Wausau, WI. You can contact the bank at 715-847-4806.



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  • Gerry

    Why we you post a video that is private?

  • Gerry

    Why would you post a video that is private?

    • dave statter

      I don’t know Gerry, what’s your theory on that?


  • chas

    video is marked private

  • Anonymous

    yes I agree private

  • Lou

    just to mess with you .

  • Mike

    Dumbass, I'm sure the movie was made private after the fact does anyone have any brain cells in here? 


    Dave, apparently you have to give out more secret decoder rings.  Using mine, I can clearly read your UPDATE stating that after you posted the video, the request for privacy was made.  It's a shame everyone hasn't been blessed with a STATter911 Decoder Ring.  Get yours soon!!
    By the way, folks, "Reading, it's FUNdamental!"

    • dave statter

      To be fair that was not up there when Gerry wrote the comment. In fact, I had just been made aware moments before that the video was private and contacted Julie to find out why. But still the comment made me laugh. Does he think I did that on purpose and that it would be a good business practice to do such a thing?

  • Gerry

    I've seen weirder things,,,,,,,, not on this page,,, but I've seen em.  Sorry Dave,, I wasn't knockin ya.  I monitor only 2 sites on a daily basis,, this one and Fire Geezer,,, so you must be doin something right,,,  PEACE OUT Brother,,,,,,,,from the East Coast

    • dave statter

      Don’t worry Gerry. It is hard to offend me. But trust me I do a lot of stupid things and make a lot of errors, but I don’t think I would purposely do that. Thanks.


    Geez, Dave, now we've got to be fair??  Raising the bar…
    Seriously, having the batch of still pix and the video should be a plus for the investigations.

  • Hozer


    Just think of it as a compliment….once a video hits your site, the woodchucks that posted it will think that they hit the “youtube” lottery and try to pull their video, thinking they will make millions on royalties !!!