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Chevrolet & its Volt couldn't buy better adverstising. Watch video of Mercedes in flames at New Jersey Chevy dealer.

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A little more than a month ago the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration concluded, that despite much publicity to the contrary, the Chevrolet Volt is no more likely to burn than any other vehicle on the road.

Here's what wrote on January 21:

The result finds that "no discernible defect trend exists" and "Based on the available data, NHTSA does not believe that Chevy Volts or other electric vehicles pose a greater risk of fire than gasoline-powered vehicles."

As if to punctuate that point, the video above was taken by someone at Superior Chevrolet in Lawrenceville, New Jersey and posted yesterday to YouTube. It shows a burning Mercedes at the entrance of the dealership.

Sitting in the foreground of some of the shots of the burnomg Mercedes is a Chevy Volt.

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  • Mike

    LMAO nothing like a car fire in NJ with Bon Jovi playing in the background.

  • mark

    So what are there, half a dozen people standing around watching and no one grabs an extinguisher?

  • NavalFirefighter

    Nice to see some civlians that can tell time, "Not bad response time"

  • Beefcake

    Tell them to hurry up? HAHAHA! Sorry to burst your bubble, the car is, um, well…not worth much anymore. Now I know where not to buy my next vehicle hehe.

  • Scooter

    Wow far enough away when they opened the pipe… I hope a hydrant is near by they were wasting a ton of water…. How about moving closer and getting to the other side…. come on man…. Strike da box K

  • Fire21

    Isn't it a shame how bystanders can take such enjoyment out of someone else's misfortune?
    Isn't it a shame that American's can't talk without f-bombs and other finely-tuned words?
    Isn't it a shame that they didn't pull a 2nd line for quicker extinguishment (quicker return to quarters/availability)?
    Isn't it a shame that the Volt is so expensive to buy and operate that most people can't afford one?  Can't afford a Mercedes either!

  • VK

    Relax Scooter it's a car fire.  Sorry they didn't open the line with their helmets at the windows so they could 'tame the beast'. 
    And Fire21, it's New Jersey… did you really expect them to be able to speak like intelligent and classy human beings?  And 2 lines on a car fire? It would take longer to pack the damn line


    After a little ride around Al Gore's internet, that rig seems to be Telesquirt 22 of the Lawrence Rd. Fire Company which, like most TSs is equipped with a 500 gallon tank (more than some even).  I know a lot of people shy away from charging (and filling) a second 1 3/4" when working off a 500 gallon tank.  Not saying it's right or wrong, just what happens.  Before anyone asks, they also run a straight engine and a rescue-engine, both with 500 gallon tanks also.
    As a little chuckle, I noticed they spell the rig's name with an "i" instead of the traditional TeleSqurt when your piece isn't made by Snorkel Economy, or whatever name covers the legalese now.  I guess Firestix 22 isn't approved radio terminology.  LOL

  • Haggerty

    Hmmmm, i believe all the safety guys will be proud of this crew, SCBAs didnt stick their heads int he car to put it out like someone mentioned it before, looks like who ever showed up in the white expidition waited back by the rig to don his full gear after arrivign on scene. And as mentioned before as well, the dealers noted a good response time.

  • BC 201

    World renowned Radio and Television reporter, Blog Master and now you want to wear the hat of Advertising guru also?? From an advertising perspective, Chevy Volt + Car fire= guilty by Association. Don't quit your day job! I'm just sayin!! 

  • OldSutterOne

    If available FOAM.

  • 8truck

    Do you have to be balding before you become a salesman? Looked like almost everyone was missing some hair.

  • Lou

    Foam would be a waste of money . Water put it out .
    And VK F**K You I'm from Jersey and I  dont talk like that . LOL .
    Well I am from Jersey

  • Mike

    The reason for the fast response, isn't that the paid duty engine from Lawerence?

  • Anonymous

    VK, You said exactly what I wanted to say