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Quick Takes: March 12, 2012.

 House fire in Greensboro, NC: Video from a fire on Stratford drive yesterday afternoon.

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A must read: In Portsmouth, New Hampshire the fire chief has made it very clear he doesn’t want cops going into burning buildings. This occurred after police attempted unsuccessfully to rescue a woman from her burning home. In doing so, the chief says the police blocked the roadway and improperly vented the home. A deputy police chief pretty much said no thanks to the fire chief’s request. Click here to check this one out.

Battalion chief hurt trying to stop runaway car: In Boynton Beach, Florida a woman was critically injured after she failed to put her car in park when getting the mail. The vehicle went into a spin. A battalion chief was among those who tried to stop it. Here’s the video of the out of control car and details on the story.

Reminder for Northern, Virginia firefighters: The Purcellville VFC reminds firefighters and public that anyone who would like to pay respects to Capt. Michael Quin, USMC that his remains will travel from Reagen National Airport to Purcellville this evening. Captain Quin’s father Brad is a member of the fire department. Click here for the details.

Firefighting in the UK: An interesting discussion has developed comparing firefighting on either side of the Atlantic after we posted pre-arrival video of a school fire last week in the United Kingdom. Click here.

Does your t-shirt glow in the dark?: MN8 -Foxfire, the company with interesting and useful illumunating products for firefighters, wants you help in designing its new glow in the dark t-shirt. Featuring the Foxfire logo on the front of the shirt and the winning design displayed on the back, the T-shirt will be sold at FDIC. Check out details of the contest.

Staying in the news in the Nation’s Capital: The DC Fire and EMS Department was in the news every day last week, between the issue with the FR polo shirts sitting in a warehouse and the relevation of allegations of sexual harassment brought against Chief Kenneth Ellerbe when he was chief in Sarasota County, Florida. The most recent story was posted on Friday where Firefighter Chuck Ryan, who was burned last year, talked about the shirts that were not distributed because of having the wrong patch. Here it is.

Helping out after the storm: Glenn Usdin’s takes a look at how one Ohio fire department is getting help with apparatus from another department after a tornado damaged the firehouse and equipment. Click here.

LAFD response times questioned: has the details on a controversy in Los Angeles over fire department response times.

Update on burned PGFD Firefighter Kevin O’Toole: WTOP Radio has an update on the Bladensburg VFD firefighter who is still in the burn unit. Here’s the story.

Looking at the legal angle on candidate photos: Curt Varone’s has the real firehouse lawyer’s view of recent discipline in Pinellas Park, Florida of firefighters who posed on duty with a City Council candidate. Here’s Curt’s view.

Career versus volunteer, the argument in South Jersey: The Press of Atlantic City takes on the topic of holding onto a career fire department in tight budget times versus going volunteer. Click here.

Mayor says cut overtime and chief says increase number of firefighters: In Lackawanna, NY the amount of fire department overtime has the new mayor’s head spinning. The fire chief knows what needs to be done to solve the problem. Will anyone listen? Read more.

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Helmet-cam on apartment fire: No details on this other than it is an abandoned structure and it is Engine 28 of a department with the initials JFD.


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  • Mack Seagrave

    “House fire in Greensboro, NC” ***A.K.A.*** “U.S.A.’s sequel to U.K. Firefighters Gather to Watch a School Burn”. The homeowners should’ve enticed these deep South ‘firefighters’ by offering them biscuits-n-gravy if they rapidly performed a coordinated attack (interior handlines coupled with properly timed V.E.S.)What is happening to the fire service? Why are these ‘firefighters’ following the chief around the exterior of the fire building as if he’s the mother duck and they are the ducklings? It would be a welcome change to see some videos of F.D.’s who actually follow accepted fire service practices … I’d enjoy being able to post some positive comments. I know there are great F.D.’s all over the U.S. who do it correctly … I guess they don’t bring a videographer with them on their runs …

    • Anonymous

      I agree

  • Fire21

    Hmmmm, wonder what the fire was doing inside the house?…Nobody seemed curious enough to go in and find out, unless they went in the back door.

    Hey guy on the roof…fasten your SCBA waist strap and you won’t have to keep humping it up onto your shoulders!

    I saw grass and outside stiff burning. Was this fire originally on the exterior?

  • capthoco

    This is a great video shedding light on whats wrong with our fire service today. Not going to debate inside vs. outside or point out waist straps. Put the fire out and the scene gets safer. We are more concerned about RIC than the fire. There isn’t even water on the fire yet, no ventilation, no forcible entry. And we have what appears to be a RIC dropping a stokes in the front yard. Lets get back to basics. RIC is reactive. Lets get proactive and prevent the need for RIC. If RIC is being deployed something has gone wrong. It is needed. But not before we do something about what we were called there to do in the first place. I am not bashing this crew. I wasn’t there. But this is happening all over the fire service.

  • David Mitchell

    Re: Abandoned structure fire helmet cam – Looks like Engine 28 from Jackson, MS Fire Department. See

  • fyrecapt

    Why is the ladder pumping the lines when there appears to be a pump right behind it????

    If the ladder was there a few minutes before and was making an attack thats one thing…. But that doesnt appear to be the case here..

    Just curious

  • No.1 Statter Fan

    I wonder out of all who made comments about this fire, who was actually there? The City of Greensboro, NC Fire Department is rated ISO Class 1 and is also Internationally Accredidated. This is proof from third, independent parties that the department follows accepted industry practice in the course of doing business. The fire was started when the home owner disposed of ashes from a outside fire place along their home. The ashes ignited mulch and then vinyl siding, rapidly penetrating the vinyl soffett and going into the attic. A policeman passing by saw this and called in the alarm. The first in company stretched in a 1 3/4″ attack line. The next in Engine laid them a supply line. The first in Ladder did search and rescue. The first in Rescue performed the RIT function (RIT has a charged hoseline to serve as back up in case it was needed). The second in Ladder performed ventilation. They were going to cut a hole in the roof, but were notified by fire attack that it would not be needed due to the small size of the house and the fact that they had the fire knocked down. The reason why the Ladder company was standing in the front yard is because the house was very small and there was not anymore room for anymore firemen inside the house. The fire was out within five minutes after the arrival of the first engine. Salvage and overhaul was performed by the first in Ladder, which consisted of throwing salvage covers in order to protect as much property as possible. All of these actions were being done at the same time, by a coordinated effort utilizing the ICS system with no free lancing. No citizens got hurt, no firemen got hurt, and property damage was kept to a minimum. I invite Mack Seagrave to come on down, and explain to us how this could have been done better. We would really enjoy how to do our jobs better from such a “expert”. By the way, we our proud of our southern heritage. We are also proud of our diverse, progressive and aggressive department. So come on down, “Mack Seagrave” and we will talk about all of this over some biscuits and gravy.

    • OldSutterOne

      Well said #1 Fan.

    • BH

      Charleston has a Class 1 as well. Look what it got them.

      Get over yourself.

    • Anonymous

      So what! Just because you’re an ISO Class 1 – Doesn’t make you a good department! It’s like an Olympic size swimming pool but only 3’’ deep it looks good from the outside but it just don’t work. What makes a good department is one that is well trained and combat ready.

      • Justmy2cents

        And spending all day cutting down our brothers around the country by critizing short internet fire videos doesn’t make you an “expert” or “well trained” and “combat ready” either.

  • HoseLine

    Too lazy to connect their SCBA straps, i guess they think they are cool !!!!!!

  • fireboots

    Fyrecapt, if you will look again at the vid you will see the first due Engine in front of L-5 (its the one with the 1 3/4 lines pulled off of it)its hard to see because it has pulled past the residence and left the front for the first due truck. (what a great idea!)There’s a lot to like in this video if you want to find it (no I don’t work for GFD)and yes they should buckle there waist straps,but you know what sometimes Iam in a hurry and don’t buckle mine. Not an excuse just a fact, I know better and so do they but it happens. My GFD brothers and sisters you did just fine.

  • Mack Seagrave

    The ISO’s standards are outdated and meaningless when it comes to actual firefighting ability. Accrediation means that a department complies with a truckload of paperwork. I live near a department that has their accrediation status plastered on the side of all their rigs. They ride all two man units, are not aggressive at structural fires and don’t even carry good tools and equipment. As far as the description of the fireground operations provided by ‘No.1 Statter Fan’… a masterful job of hiding all of these operations was done by the videographer. Enjoy those biscuits – n- gravy and stay safe …

    • Eric

      Hey MACK, you just got owned by “No.1 Statter Fan”. Go crawl back to your hole, the fire service needs less MUTTS like yourself. People like you that do nothing but criticize and don’t give the brothers the benefit of the doubt make me sick. It is absolutely a cancer that is spreading and destroying the fire service. We have enough enemies in this day and age. I would blame it on social media, but that’s not the root cause, just mutts like you. Same goes to you “Fire21″

  • Mack Seagrave

    Eric, this website can be an excellent place for the members of the fire service to learn valuable lessons (if they are willing to open their minds as well as to admit when they haven’t performed up to standards). As I stated in my first comment, “It would be a welcome change to see some videos of F.D.’s who actually follow accepted fire service practices … I’d enjoy being able to post some positive comments. I know there are great F.D.’s all over the U.S. who do it correctly …” It’s unfortunate that we don’t get to see more videos of departments who train constantly and perform correctly when they operate at fire scenes. It’s not my intent to hurt anyone’s feelings, but if the choice is to avoid hurting some feelings or to provide needed insite that dedicated firefighters can learn from, I’ll opt for the latter … Stay safe.

  • Justmy2cents

    Gotta love all the “internet firefighters” who show up and voice their “expert” opinions on a well-respected and established professional department based on a short video of one incident shot from one angle. Get real guys, if the only thing you can critize is a guy w/o his waist strap buckled and the fact that the department actual utilizes a RIC team at a working fire then maybe you need to look in the mirror and analyze yourself and your own actions and tactics. And as for the ISO and Accrediation mess, it’s a bunch of bull snot as far as I’m concerned (and I work for a Class 1/Accredited department). These brothers did the job and they did it well. PTB-FTM.

  • Anonymous

    What about venting the windows? In case things went south quick..

    • Anonymous

      It appears that there a proponent of PPV with the blower running in the front yard.

  • Anonymous

    I would throw the second ladder to the other side if I was going to the roof for second means of egress.

  • Joe mobley

    It’s east to be an armchair quarterback and try to analyze what’s going on but it is obvious to ANYONE that several basic rules of safety are clearly being violated and someone should be reprimanded. Does anyone see the first guy at the 1:02 mark without the helmet take the ladder off the truck and “run” with it back to the hot zone? How about the 3:09 mark where the firefighter goes up the ladder with a captain and another firefighter watching – nobody secured the ladder. And again at the 4:25 mark coming down the ladder – nobody there to secure the ladder?? Basics – just basics?? Too much class 1 pride maybe.

  • FEO

    There sure are a lot of haters here. So much for the BROTHERHOOD that I signed up for.

    • Anonymous

      Brotherhood what brotherhood, I get so sick and tired of firefighters talking about brotherhood. People use these words like a punch line! I signed up to be a craftsman of the trade, just like a brick mason or a carpenter. There are only a few fire departments left that know anything about brotherhood. How can you call me your brother when you don’t really know a thing about me? You know what? Be a man and admit when you’re wrong.

      • Mike

        -Be a man.

        -Talk trash from behind a keyboard.

        Pick one.

  • Anonymous

    The anonymous poster bashing on the brotherhood needs to find another line of work. I agree that every man on the job needs to master the profession. However MUTTS like yourself are causing many of the problems the brotherhood is facing. If all you want to be is be a craftsman and disregard the brotherhood of the fire service I encourage you to find employement elsewhere as a brick mason or carpenter as you mentioned. Last time I checked those professions dont’t have lives depending on them. Give me the man that is good at his job and loves the brotherhood beside me!

    • Anonymous

      Just like you anonymous, I apologize for not making myself clear. I am all about the thin red line and brotherhood. I have always felt as though I know what “Brotherhood” is. There are many great firemen who exemplify “Brotherhood” and many others who think it is merely wearing a shirt or putting a sticker on their car. I have been accused of not knowing what “Brotherhood” is by people who in my opinion do not have a clue. Sure, I am not perfect, but if you have to justify yourself as part of the “Brotherhood” you probably don’t quite know what it is or where to find it. This post is not my justification but merely my view of what it is to me.

  • TruckWork

    Just a little FYI, this video is missing atleast the first minute of on scene ops. When this passerby began filming, the first due engine (which was in front of L5) had made entry and found attick access for thier attack. The first in ladder was doing a primary search. So much for Mack and Fire21’s assumptions of an exterior attack.

    As far as mack questioning why there was no V.E.S with attack…..the way I understand, V.E.S is an aggressive search and rescue operation that is performed when there is a known victim or a very high probability of a victim. The homeowner met first arriving companies in the front yard and advised there was no one inside, it was determined we would leave the homes windows intact and not perform a V.E.S. operation. Smoke conditions in the home were vertually non existant which enabled a very rapid primary search. Capthoco also questioned the lack of forcible entry. Since the home owner didn’t lock the door behind themself as they left, it was decided that forcing it for the fun of it would not be good stewardship.

    FyreCapt wants to know why the ladder is pumping the fire? The supply line goes to the engine in front of the ladder and that engine has 1 3/4″ attack lines streatched from it. The first in engine pulled past the residence and left the front clear for first in ladder which is an accepted practice.

    An anonymous poster questions taking out the windows…why would you take out windows on a structure when all the fire was in the attick of the residence with no smoke conditions in the the home?

    Another anonymous poster questions throwing the second ladder to division c for a secondary means of egress. While a good practice, you do realize that in the video the firefighter goes up one and throws the other as a roof ladder because there were inital indications that they were gonna vent the roof. Throwing a roof ladder for vertically venting a roof regardless of the roofs pitch is also another accepted practice. The second ladder is removed and taken to division b for overhaul once the roof operations were deemed unnecassary by interior crews.

    Joe Mobely questions a couple safety issues. I’m sure if Joe is on the job he can realize that almost no incident goes perfectly and while there were a couple issues that could be addressed all and all they were relatively minor.

    All of that to say this….just realize that you aren’t there and that this video was taken by someone on the street and shows only one angle. In this case it is also missing atleast the first minute of on scene operations that would prove many of your concerns ignorant. While things weren’t done perfectly, it was a successful operation. As No 1 Statter fan stated earlier…an interior attack was made and after a primary search, salvage and overhaul operations were conducted simultaneously resulting in limited damage to the home owners belongings. The fire was knocked down in about five minutes and there were no injuries. All in all a good day gentlemen. Be safe!!

  • Egine 9


  • UnionProud

    Egine 9, what, reading a comprehensive account of what actually happened? Or,that it was an educated rebuttal of perceived fire ground actions that were taken out of context? I would hope that videos like these, taken by citizens or fire personnel, could be used for constructive criticism instead of immediately bashing everyone for what was wrong, perceived or otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    Did engine 9 bother to read the accounts before posting? It might not be perfect but knowing that there is footage missing and seeing that the fire is knocked down in about 5 minutes what is there to be sick about. Just another MUTT that thinks they know it all. Tell us what city and company you work and we’ll do some internet searching for some of your work posted by citizens and gladly cretique that!

  • Anonymous