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Surveillance video: Pittsburgh deputy chief in bar fight. Public safety director describes pattern of anger management issues & says chief shouldn't have been promoted.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Public Safety Director Michael Huss is speaking very bluntly about Deputy Chief Michael Mullen, a 37-year veteran of the fire department, who was captured on surveillance video in a bar fight.

No “it’s under investigation” or “we can’t talk about it, it’s a personnel matter” for Huss. Huss told KDKA-TV reporter Marty Griffin that Michael Mullen should not be a deputy chief.

“It’s a big problem and it’s not the example we expect, it’s very embarrassing to the city and to the fire bureau and it’s something ….,” Public Safety Director Michael Huss said. “He’s had issues in the past and we tried to prevent him from being promoted, but the courts told us we had to promote him.”

“In retrospect, I wish the courts hadn’t done that,” Huss added.

Huss, angered by the video, said Mullen is a 37-year veteran of the department and that Mullen has been punished several times in the past for anger-related incidents.

Huss says, at the moment, Deputy Chief Mullen is still on full duty.

Watch the report which includes the video from Finn McCools on Pittsburgh’s South Side.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Mike Tyson play cousin

    Lead with your left and bite the right ear.

  • RJ (in florida)

    i guess i’ve been living in florida too long where if it happened here, it would all be public. how is an incident captured on video a personal matter? if it happens in public its everyones concern and as a public servent (espically a chief) its gonna get additional attention. how does a court decide after its been proven that a guy has an anger problem and had gotten into trouble for it before? since when does a court override the best interest of the FD after investigation reveals that a guy has a problem like that “but you have to promote him”? thats like giving the captain who just sunk his brand new ship a new one. 35 year vet, anger management problems…time to retire but dont come to florida, we have enough pissed off people alredy. this is gonna get swept under like i remember when i lived up north, let the story die, let the guy retire without any more hubub and when asked about the case…”oh him, he retired a long time ago”

    • dave statter

      He didn’t say it was a personell matter. Just the opposite. My point is, at least around here, that’s the standard excuse to not talk about things. We don’t have the sunshine laws they do in Florida and the pattern is usually look for ways not to talk about something and hope it goes away (it rarely does).


      • Andrew P.

        It makes a huge statement when your public safety director goes on television and says that he wishes you had never been promoted. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever heard something like that, and I’m from (and currently live in) Pittsburgh. Is there any background info on why the court ordered him to be promoted? I’m guessing a lawsuit on his part…

  • Former Chief

    I think Public Safety Director Huss is being very candid in his comments. You can certainly sense his frustration with this individual. If this DC is a problem individual, hopefully he’ll retire. The fire service does not need more individuals giving us a “black eye”.

  • shame

    booz in brains out

  • Anonymous

    Hey Chief, grow up.

  • Finn McCool-Promoter

    DFC Patrick John Barney O’Mullen reportedly saves that training for St. Paddy’s day!! Must have been the preliminary warm up–he’s scheduled for a title fight against Pittsburgh’s reigning title holder Miss Smiling Irish Eyes Mary Kathryn O’Reilly March 17th at Finn McCools Pub. Odds makers have it going to O’Reilly in 4.

    After seeing the cheap sucker punch, O’Reilly is quoted as calling him “a real pus#y” and plans on River Dancing “all over his as#”….Happy St. Paddy’s Day!!

  • retired firefighter

    fire th deputy chief. very poor example. we do not need that kind of person to work for us .

  • Steve

    There is a pattern of poor behavior and bad decisions in the PBF. This has been going on for decades and starts at the top. The FC has proven to be less than worthy too and we all know that this attitude starts at the top and rolls downhill.

  • Firefightershavepersonallivestoo!!

    Again why cant firefighters have a personal life we have that right. if he was there asa fire officer sure punish him whatever he was there as a bar patron not a FF.

    • Former Chief

      Firefighters can have personal lives, and we do. But like it or not, public safety personnel are held to a higher standard. And we should be, we are expected to protect the public. Very few other professions have the kind of access or interaction with the public. What we do as Firefighters reflects on all of us. We always spout off about the Brotherhood, that doesn’t stop at the firehouse door.

  • NorthEastPastChief

    Make sure the judge that awarded him the promotion gets this video to show him what kind of public servant he pushed through. Judges apparently only judge the law but ignore character. Is the culture of the fire department such that the judge didn’t see a problem with this individual?