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A firefighter dance party. Series of videos from Kentucky's Avawam VFD highlights some other skills.

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I have no idea what to make of this, but I thought it would be a break from our more somber posts on In Perry County, Kentucky, firefighters with the Avawam Volunteer Fire & Rescue are showing of some skills other than firefighting. On the YouTube Channel whiteboycandanceavfd have posted 10 videos featuring their dancing skills and even some dance instruction. Here are three of the clips.

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  • Craig Moyer

    This truly dispells the myth that white people have no rhythm and can’t dance……

  • h dawg

    looks like 2 people just got bunker gear


  • Legeros

    Good post for the KDJ crowd! (Keyboard Dance Judges.)

  • Anonymous

    Turnouts and an International Harvester T-shirt… classic.

  • oldman

    And we wonder why volunteers are looked down upon.

    • Lizard

      Your right oldman, if they would only have all paid firefighters there wouldn’t be any dancing. Lets ban all volunteers everywhere, there is no room for fun and or horseplay in today’s modern fire service.

  • Anonymous

    good way to break in new running pants and boots…haha

  • Anonymous

    Corn squeezins in the fire house…nice.