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You will have seen it all once you have seen this video. Minnesota firefighters fight fire in drag.

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UPDATE: I held off as long as I could expecting that one of our readers would say this, but alas, they haven’t. My initial thought on seeing the video was that a great injustice has been done in this country. I came out squarely against it when it happened in my back yard because I thought it meant nothing to the citizens and was bad branding, but in this case from Minnesota I would have to reconsider my position. So all I can say at this point is how sad it is that the acronym FEMS is already being used by a department.

I might as well close up shop after this one. I am not sure we will ever top this video. It comes from Central Minnesota and happened on Saturday morning as firefighters were gathered for the Padua Parade. The firefighters sprang into action when the engine of a truck caught fire. No PPE for this crew, just the dresses the two men were wearing. Yes, I said dresses. You got a problem with that?

More from WCCO-TV:

John Egan, the Sauk Centre Fire Chief, said the firefighters in drag were members of the Sedan Fire Department. They were participating in the parade when a truck engine caught fire nearby.

Egan said the fire spread to another truck and that the firefighters ran to put it out.

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  • Eb

    I am outraged, These Firemen/women are activeky engaged in firefighting operations and neither one of them has shaved their arpits (disgusting) nor are they wearing their department issued Nomex Nipple Hoods…..there’ll be hell to pay come Monday!!

    “The funny thing about firemen is… Night and day they are always firemen.”

    • RJ(in florida)

      i hope they were wearing their big girl panties

  • Uncle Buck Carpenter Jones

    This is the only proof needed that America is the greatest Country on the planet.

  • Sharppointy1

    Well I think those firefighters are just lovely! I noticed the one wering fuchsia seemed to have a little trouble with his bust line, but they still got the job done.
    I glad they weren’t wearing heels!

    • CHAOS

      Thank goodness it wasn’t one of the males that broke out the “fuchsia” ID. LOL.
      I grew up with the Crayloa 8-pack. I probably still couldn’t pick “fuchsia” out of a lineup.

      • Sharppointy1

        heeheehee, CHAOS, I’m here for ya any time you need the girly stuff taken care of.

  • Daz

    At least he was on the ball and pulled has straps up….

  • Jackie

    Ok, so why we’re they in dresses again? Lmao

  • Legeros

    A policeman’s lot is not a happy one, but a fireman’s life is a downright drag…

    • Sharppointy1

      FTW ^^^

  • Blue


  • Medic44

    Loved the running MAN that had to keep adjusting HIS dress strap.

  • Real Paramedic

    Its only a truck (or two) folks; not worth b
    risking your life over. ONLY IN AMERICA!!

  • Legeros

    And if you click through to the direct WCCO link to the video, it plays an ad about… firefighters!

  • Jason

    While this is among the funniest things ive seen in quite sometime it was a rather stupid decsion on everyones part. If somthing had gone wrong and someone was burned or hurt no one would be laughing and there would be hell to pay for everyone. Im deffinatly not the first one to put a facepeice on during a car fire but at leat some turnout gear.

  • Justin Schorr

    San Francisco Fire has yet to see this. I’d expect this was part of a fundraiser of some sort…

  • Matt

    No SCBA? No Safety vest? Well I hope at least those were NFPA 1975 approved dresses!

  • BH

    This is what happens when small departments with limited fire duty get a fire- everybody’s so focused getting in on the action that they forget/ignore basic firefighting.

    I wonder what the burn surgeons would have thought about those dresses.

  • Tree

    Not the first time, by nearly a century.

    Many years ago (I don’t recall the year, but it was in the early part of the 20th century) in my old hometown of Milford, MI, the fire department was doing a fundraiser in the form of a play called “The Womanless Wedding.” A number of the cast members/firefighters were in drag.

    During the play an alarm came in for a fire at the livery stable. When an engine from Pontiac arrived to assist, they were greeted by the sight of firefighters on the roof of the building in dresses…

  • Anonymous

    I think that they were standing in the line of duty. That was first and foremost on their minds. Bravo to them. If they had stopped to put on their gear the truck may have exploded causing far more to worry about. They thought quick and did what they had to do at the moment. Yes, they will have more than their 15 minutes of fame with it goes viral on Facebook :)

    • mark

      Someone isn’t in the real world.

      Vehicles seldom if ever explode in real life as in the movies unless they are carrying explosives or a rolling meth lab.

      This really isn’t rocket surgery here. One “guy” knocks the fire down while the other gears up. When “he” is fully geared up, “he” grabs the nozzle and extinguishes the fire. While this is happening “guy” #2 can gear up.

      As an aside, pretty sure their footwear does not go with their dresses. A little more support for the one gentlelady is in order as well.

  • Amanda

    Ok People take a chill pill….no harm done look after what those guys go through on a regular basis I think it was awesome!! It says something about those guys wether they had dresses on or gear they didn`t worry about themselves they took care of the emergency on hand!!! Their professionals an it doesn`t matter where they are or how there dressed!!! What if a firefighter had the night off an him an his family were on there way to dinner and they seen a car on fire (Its the same thing) And no one was on the scene yet they are gonna jump into action as that is what they are trained to do…how many firefighters do you know that wear their gear every place they go? I know quite a few firefighters and they don`t!!!

  • Vol. Firefighter

    Something tells me, that this department will not be invited to next years parade.

    Seriously, when you take a truck out to do anything (even a parade), you bring your bunker gear along.

    • CHAOS

      That sums it up nicely.

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  • Former Chief

    Gives a whole new meaning to “combat ready”. I wouldn’t be caught dead in that dress. Just sayin. Tally Ho.

  • Anonymous

    Of course they will be invited next year…they saved the day. Or at least the parade since the fire department that was called is 25 minutes away. Plus with the dry conditions, strong winds and other cars close by it could have gotten out of hand quickly. These guys were there for a fund raiser for the volunteer fire department of a town of 42 people. Lighten up. They did what anyone would have done.

    • Vol. Firefighter

      What anyone would have done, is bring their bunker gear along.

      Without bunker gear at a fire, you are just a bystander (or should be).

  • Henry

    An important lesson to be learned from this. If you’re going to put firemen on a fire truck and take it somewhere, bring your turnout goods with you! When people see the truck, they’ll expect you to do something, so make sure you’re able to. Got to give the guys credit, it was pretty stupid, but at least they were smart about it. They stayed back and used the reach of the line. They weren’t in the smoke and they were far enough back, this isn’t the movies the car probably isn’t going to explode and anything that will come out at them that far (stuts, etc) turnout gear wouldn’t stop either.

    To sum it up, shame on them for being caught unprepared. But kudos for doing something and going about it in what appeared to be an intelligent matter.

  • AbsoluteReality

    Their Chiefs, Mothers and boyfriends must be sooooooo proud

  • Taryn

    OMG could you guys lighten up a little? We all know the dangers of firefighting without proper gear. They don’t need another lecture. Get over it, damn! And some of you need to go crawl back in your caves and stay there until you can change your sexist egotistical attitude! It’s 2012 for crying out loud. There is no such thing as a blooper or hilarious mistake anymore because u will always have a vulture waiting to pick u apart. Thank you world wide web!

    • CHAOS

      “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye…or ends up in a trauma center or burn center.”
      A blooper is only hilarious when it’s not you feeling the pain, right Taryn??

      Dumb things were done.
      People pointed out the dumb things (with some gusto).
      Next week, some other idiots will make the same kind of mistakes.

  • A concerned taxpayer

    well at least their dresses are regulation. If there was a DCFD emblem on them, but then again our Chief is a skirt lol

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  • dpfeilsr

    Could someone PLEASE send this to Chief LRB from the OLD DCFD to the new DCFEMS department….I’m sure he would like the FEMS fighting fires…..LOL

  • Lizard

    Evidently budget cuts have really hit some departments harder then others…

  • Shh….

    Are you sure that wasnt Sarasota Fl. new uniform before LRB left?

  • Bystander

    OMG..way to judge without knowing the full story! The fire truck belongs to a department that sent a driver and the truck for the parade. These guys were there as part of a different float for their own department. They did not have their gear anywhere near…and did a wonderful job of keeping things under control. I will keep my small town fire departments who do what needs to be done under the circumstances and use whatever they have to work with. Hats off to BOTH departments!

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  • Jon

    An all Volunteer FD doing a service to the private sector, thank you. Nothing like the over paid, over perked public union firemen who rob the private sector, their kids and grand kids blind. 71% of all firemen are volunteers, they are the real hero’s, here in Florida most of them are public union over paid over perked thieves, JMO.

  • B J.

    This is careless. Absolute fail! Keep your damn ppe on board your truck..even if not going to a call…and put a scba on! Good god! Just because your’e on a volunteer doesn’t mean you have to be an amature about it! THINK!!!