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Quick Takes: March 19, 2012.

Abandoned home in Hillsborough, NJ owned by fire chief: A suspicious fire yesterday morning on Amwell Road. reports the property is owned by the chief of one of the responding companies who hopes to build an office complex there. Click here for the story.

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Will the real FEMS please stand up?: Firefighting is a drag in Minnesota, but a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. Quite a lively debate in our comments section and on Facebook about the Sedan Fire Department firefighters who handled a pick-up truck fire dressed in their finest evening where. The firemen were dressed as women for a parade. The video is getting a lot of attention. Here it is.

The campaign is in its final days: Remember to vote for Fire Blog of the Year. appreciates your support, especially considering all of the negative attack ads and dirty tricks from our opponents. We will address those issues later in a very special edition of (stay tuned). In the meantime, you can click here to vote.  The contest is hosted by THE Fire Critic Rhett Fleitz and and sponsored by American Military University.

Responding driver only: It has only been going on for 20 years, but now a TV station wants to know about one firefighter per rig staffing in Security, Colorado. This happened after the station captured Saturday’s response to a house fire on video. See it for yourself.

Final day for entries in illuminated t-shirt contest: Your entry to help design the t-shirt that will be sold at FDIC this year by MN8-FoxFire must be in by today. Details can be found here.

Fire truck heading south: Glenn Usdin’s has the story of a Utah fire department helping provide firefighting needs in Peru. Click here.

Some happy feet in Kentucky: Check out the series of videos showing off the dancing skills of firefighters at one Kentucky department. There is some from dance instruction too. Such a bargain.

Pre-arrival video in the suburbs of St. Louis: Interesting video from St. Louis County on a trailer park fire as the first units (and the police) arrive. Check it out.

Memorial service in Houston: This morning they are remembering HFD Senior Captain Thomas “Bill” Dillon who died last week while responding to an apartment fire. Click here for the details.

Burning controversy in Sussex County, Delaware: State Representative John Atkins is no stranger to controversy when it comes to the public safety community. The latest to do is over a controlled burn on his property that may have involved old tires. It has the local fire chief and a former trooper as players in this drama. Read the account from Firegeezer.

Dallas firefighter arrest under investigation:’s Curt Varone looks at the arrest of a Dallas firefighter accused of shooting a gun inside a firehouse. In a strange twist to this story, Dallas police are investigating one of their own for making the arrest while another group of officers had the firefighter under surveillance. They also want to know who tipped a TV station about the arrest. Here’s Curt’s coverage.

Loading dock fire in Los Angeles: Arrival video with some pump problems.

THE Fire Critic and STATter911 together again for the first time: Apparently due to someone with a warped sense of humor I ended up on the same bill with THE Fire Critic at the Ohio Fire & Emergency Services Foundation’s 2012 Leadership Conference. And they are making us travel together (please let there be separate rooms). Should be interesting. Join us in Newark, Ohio for May 23 & 24. Click here to sign up.

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  • 95%er

    holy crap.
    a department that gets it.
    heavy fire in a vacant structure. lay a supply line. pull up in front of the building and use the deck gun. don’t shut off the deck gun until the fire is knocked down.

    why do we make something so simple so difficult to do?

    • Tom

      I thought this is your department chief

  • mark

    Don’t jump the gun 95%er, if we can’t criticizeMMQBKIC the badly run fires, it is only fair that we don’t give credit where credit is due. We need to put a stop to this kind of attitude immediately, if not sooner.

    I know, sounds pretty stupid when you put it that way.

    I’m guessing that one needed a little more than a tablespoon of ColdFire to extinguish.

  • Former Chief

    Looks like they layed in and used big water on big fire. Nice job with that. This should be an interesting investigation.

    • CHAOS

      I hear that with the local bookies “Mice With Matches” is a slight favorite over “Meteor Strike”.

  • Rudedawg

    Finally, a department that gets the concept of firefighting! It’s like the Easter Bunny came early!

  • yeah

    I can smell gasoline. Had to use foam.

  • Lizard

    Seems like a no brainer anyway, definately rats with matches.

    What a waste of a good training op. If your going to demo it anyway, how about getting a demo permit; donating it for the tax write off and conduct a training burn. Or does that make too much sense…

  • Just saying

    We can’t conduct live burns in acquired structures in New Jersey,D.E.P. put a stop to it a long time ago.

    • Lizard

      Didn’t know that, such crap. All the issues NJ has and DEP worries about house burns, wow…

      • Just saying

        Yeah public safety isn’t much of a priority in this state anymore.

  • will he pay

    A lil tid-bit of info the owner of this house is also the Chief of the company with the black and red engine…….