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Dash-cam: House fire in Tioga County, Pennsylvania.

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Here’s the caption with this video:

Tioga County PA, Lawrenceville Engine 8-3 responding to a working house fire on Burrows Hollow Road in Jackson Township on 03/16/2012.

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  • scaryfuture

    was this a live burn or someones home?

    cause if this was an actual run, y’all turn your gear in back at the station.

    what difference would it have made if you hadn’t shown up at all?

    the future is scary if this is the best firefighting we can do.

    • Proud Firefighter

      If you cannot READ and COMPREHEND the title of the article, you have no business posting degrading comments here. It was someone’s house. And unfortunately not every fire department in the Country has the luxury of fire stations around every corner or municipal water systems and hydrants 500 feet from every fire. If you know where Tioga County is in Pennsylvania, then you would know it is a very rural area. Go onto YouTube. The 1st part of this video is the 15 minute ride the engine had to take just to get close to the scene of the fire. A house fire can double in size in approximately 60 seconds. Even if the first arriving engine was there in 5-10 minutes (which is pretty good), that’s still a LONG burn time. I think the scary future here is people like you who don’t know what you’re talking about trying to tell firefighters how to do their job.

      • scaryfuture

        i re-read the title and stand corrected. thank you for pointing out the error in my comments above.

        by the way, just to help out a new kid here, what difference would it have made if the fire department had not shown up?

        i’m just trying to figger that out. thanks, proud ff.

      • Mike

        Proud firefighter is probably one of these jolly vollies that think they are helping. Yet in reality not showing up would do the same result. God help the residents of tioga, because surely the fd isn’t. How they save lives must be a miracle. And calling them firefighters just puts a bad name on it. At least the home owner had spectators. What a joke

  • Jon

    When I watch this video, the words ‘fast attack’ come to mind. There sure are a lot of fire fighters wandering around ‘thinking about’ thinking about what to do next.

  • peak

    I thought I heard banjos playing while watching that rig travel down that path. Jon I agree with the Fast Attack, No Master Streams or Pre Piped Guns? GREAT VID

  • Basement Saver

    Tioga Co. PA is very rural, long response times can be expected allowing a fire like this to become well advanced. On a fire like this I would deploy 2.5″ or 3″ attack line with blitzfire or hit it with a deckgun (and them mopup & overhaul with 1.75″ handlines). However, these types of appliances gobble up the water so a good water supply needs to be in place which, in rural America, can take a long time and a lot of tankers.

    Even the smallest of possesions, if saved, can mean a lot to a homeowner or family who just watched thier home go up in flames and is having the worst day of thier lives. SO YES, THE FIRE DEPT. SHOULD SHOW UP AND GET TO WORK AND DO THE BEST THEY CAN TO SAVE LIVES AND PROTECT PROPERTY.

    Hopefully everyone got out ok and no one got hurt.

  • Matt Morgan

    tuff fire for a rural area like Tioga county, they didnt have a chance, not their fault, but what i would like to point out in fires that have that much of a jump on you, and are fully involved, you must be careful about structural collapse, the guys on the pisser lines would have certainly been under a fire filled wall if side A collapsed toawrd them. Rural FF’s MUST be taught about collapse zones. This video could have easily been shown with the header LODD due to collapse, I hope this is a learning tool.

  • Rudedawg

    Would it have been easier to take the time to put an organized water delivery system in place while letting the fire burn? Building was lost, and not seeming in a very stable condition. By the time a good delivery system is set up, the fire has burned down to where you won’t need that much to put it out. The 1.75″ lines will not beat this fire. Move the equipment so a drive-by water dumping can occur, take a deluge gun, and a 2.5″ line to it. Tankers don’t have to back up a mile, and everybody stays safe.

  • Mike

    Thank god I don’t live in tioga. All these guys are glorified foundation savers. How they save any lives is beyond a miracle. I guess this is a volunteer service where you really get what you pay for. A bunch of spectators as your house goes to the ground. Thank god I live and work in an area with competent firemen that have training (ff II minimum, not your pensyltucky 3 hours a month if that). Watching this and the tanker fire they had make me ashamed and I refuse to call them firemen. Funny thing is if one of these morons died by doing something stupid they would get a Heros funeral and be called Heros. Well that’s a funeral I wouldn’t waste my time with. God help the residents of tioga, because the fire depts sure can’t

    • Bob

      A little known fact outside of this video is that this was a methamphetamine house. It had a large jump on the first in engine company, which consisted of the engine and driver with other firefighters arriving by POV. The departments in the area are very aggressive with interior operations and would have made headway to knock it, but the meth factor takes it to a strictly surround and drown operation. As for the collapse issue and the members being close to the structure; that has been address and I thank those for bringing that to our attention.