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Early raw video: Abby Theater fire in Abbotsford, Wisconsin that killed Lt. Jamison Kampmeyer. Fire now ruled accidental.

Click here to view the first of five clips from the fire posted today.

Earlier coverage of the fire can be found here, here, here and here

On this page is video taken as the first firefighters arrived on the scene of the fire in Abbotsford, Wisconsin (Clark County) shortly after noon on Sunday, March 4. The fire in the Abby Theater took the life of Lt. Jamison Kampmeyer of the Colby Fire Department. Lt. Kampmeyer was also a deputy sheriff in Marathon County.

Earlier today WQOW-TV reported that investigators have determined the fire started because of an electrical malfunction in the lobby of the theater.

The video was provided for training purposes to st1300a4’s YouTube Channel by Julie Miklaszewicz who runs RVing Outpost, LLC – On-Line Store!. Julie had previously posted the video and removed it until after the funeral, honoring a request from local firefighters.

Immediately below is the video Julie Miklaszewicz posted on March 5. It is the same as clip number 5 but with audio and better video quality.  Julie Miklaszewicz previously posted a large number of still pictures on her Facebook page here.

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  • Former Chief

    Loosing a Firefighter is the most difficult thing a FD can have happen to them. In respect to Lt. Kampmeyer’s ultimate sacrifice, let’s hope that these videos are used to enhance awareness, training, and operations for the Fire Dept’s involved and for all Firefighters everywhere.

  • mdff

    Anyone who wants to kick them while they have already suffered the ultimate sacrifice at this point would be pointless. These departments involved will learn from this experience. A full NIOSH report will be done and any changes that need to be made hopefully will be done.