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News reports: Driver intentionally hit & killed Jacksonville, Arkansas Captain Donald Jones. Firefighter Jason Bowmaster & police officer critical.

Bryce Allen, charged with second-degree murder.

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Video from crash scene

Captain Donald Jones, a 31 year veteran of Arkansas’ Jacksonville Fire Department, was killed late last night when a man drove his vehicle into firefighters and police at a crash scene on Highway 161. Police are saying the actions of Bryce Allen were intentional. Firefighter Jason Bowmaster and a police officer are listed in critical condition.


Jacksonville police say they now believe a driver intentionally sped up and hit and killed a firefighter and injured two other emergency personnel Monday night in Jacksonville.

The vehicle had left the roadway and struck a gas main. A Jacksonville police officer and two Jacksonville firefighters were working the scene when a van left the roadway and struck all three.

 Captain Donald Jones.

One firefighter, Capt. Donald Jones was pronounced dead at the scene. The other firefighter, Jason Bowmaster was med-flighted to a Little Rock hospital while the police officer was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital. Both are in critical condition at the time of this release.


Crews were called to the scene in the 8400 block of Highway 161 South around 11:00 Monday night after a car crashed, causing a gas main break. While emergency crews were clearing the accident, a van veered off the road, hitting three — two firefighters and a police officer.

Capt. Kenny Boyd with Jacksonville PD has identified the driver of the van that killed the firefighter as 47-year-old Bryce Allen of Jacksonville. He has been charged with 2nd degree murder and two counts of criminal intent to commit 2nd degree murder because he allegedly did not try to stop.

Boyd has also identified Allen as the son of Thelma Allen, the driver of the original car that crashed and caused the gas main break.

Statement from Jacksonville Fire Department Chief John Vanderhoof:

A Fire Chiefs worst nightmare is the loss of a Fellow Firefighter, that has been killed in the Line of Duty. Captain Donald Jones was killed in the Line of Duty while engaged in Firefighting activities on March 19,2012.

He started his career with the Jacksonville Fire Department on December 24, 1980. He served for 31 years of dedicated service with the Jacksonville Fire Department.

He will be missed by his family as well as his Firefighting Family. He will always be in our hearts and memories.

Please pray for his family, his brother firefighter and police officer that was injured at the same time, and his other fellow firefighters.


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  • NJ FF

    This corksocker has a smile on his face in his mugshot. Don’t know how police officers hold their composure when these things happen. Prayers to the families of all involved.

  • Lizard

    Hope the guy gets the death penalty

  • Marco Lopez

    That’s not a mugshot — it’s a driver’s license photo.

  • TX PO

    I’m thinking that’s a driver’s license photo because of the blue background.

  • okpo

    God bless Capt. Jones and my injured brother first responders, I hope and pray for a speedy recovery so y’all can witness the trial and conviction of the suspect.

  • Former Chief

    RIP Captain Jones. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends. Prayers also for FF Bowmaster and the Police Officer for a full recovery. Hopefully, the POS who did this will burn in Hell.

  • Scooter

    DEAATH PENALTY !!!! SLOW AND EASY !!! I will keep the familys in my prayers Strike Da Box!

  • Prince

    You guys are a bunch of racists. Whatever happened to innocent til proven guilty. Just by what you guys know already that haven’t been validated. Some of you talk about death penalty, capital murder,etc. And you wonder why African American dont believe in the justice system. Its views like the posted that ruins the system. Prayers should go out to everyone that was involved in the accident. When will we stop the hate and the division. “A jury of your peers”… WTFE

    • Brittany

      Your an idiot! No one said a thing about him being African american having anything to do with it. He was just a dumbass that has hurt many families in the process. I agree and if he is PROVEN guilty as he IS I hope he fries…. Slow and painful.

    • Jason

      Black white mexican it don’t matter!!!!!!! You made this a race issue I am the other firefighter that got hit!!!!! Keep your race card crap to yourself.. He drove around the barracaid and intentionally hit us we weren’t even in the road.

  • patrick

    thats very bad news please everyone be careful and aware of those around you because the world has gone crazy mad!

  • Firing Squad

    The intentional acts of this bastard should warrant the death penalty.

  • Anonymous

    Prince, stop looking for racism where none exists. I (like I’m sure the other who posted) couldn’t care less if this guy is white, black, green or purple! He intentionally ran down and killed a brother, and sent others to the hospital. You are the ONLY one who brought race into this. And yes….I’m fully for the death penalty for him if convicted. Seeing as he was apprehended at the scene, it is not as if he was tracked down by evidence that can be called into question. I’d be pretty surprised if he’s not convicted.

  • Anonymous

    The only racist that has posted is Prince

  • 22

    son tried to run into his mother’s car? mother had just hit gas line? Somethin going on here.

  • mark

    OK Prince, when found guilty, I hope they execute this scum.

    There’s your due process.

    I generally find that the ones who bring race into a discussion are the ones who are the racists. Not a single comment was made by anyone based on this scum’s race, except you.

    As for stopping the hate, if what has been said is true, when is this guy going to stop the hate? Because that is what started this mess, hate for a fellow human. A desire to kill or injure severely his fellow man. That’s hate. He’s the hater, not anyone that has posted about what punishment he deserves.

    Dave, a small request, instead of giving this scum his 15 minutes of fame at the top of the story, maybe you could switch the pics to show the fallen brother at the top?

  • Craig Moyer

    I hope theres a special place in hell for him

  • Capt.sanders

    Agreed prince you are the only one that’s brought race into this this scum bag has already had three witnesses see him speed up while approaching the scene aiming for our brothers on scene he dosent have a defense an once the trial is completed he needs the lighting chair for killing a brother of my neighboring department

  • Southside Chief

    RIP brother, thank you for making this world a better place. I will be praying for your family, co-workers and friends.

    As for our other brother firefighter and brother police officer, I hope and pray that you fully recover. God bless you and thank you.

    As for the POS that did this I hope you get a death sentence and spend an eternity in hell!

  • G.Peters

    The daughter of Captain Jones is a good friend of mine and is DESTROYED by this. Another friend of mine who not only is black but was the first police officer on the scene said Jones was kneeling down and never saw it coming. Witnesses say Allen drove around the emergency barricades and sped up as he aimed for them. Sounds real innocent. And he’s the son of the lady that hit the gas main to begin with. Something’s up!