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Raw video: Third alarm in Englewood, New Jersey.

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This is video from Homer218 on YouTube from a fire late last night on West Forest Avenue in Englewood, New Jersey.

The fire was first reported at 11:32 p.m. on Saturday, police said. Firefighters, who arrived at the scene within two minutes of the call, found the building engulfed in flames, police said.

No injuries were reported, and the three people who were at 296 West Forest Avenue at the time of the fire had already evacuated by the time officials got there, police said.

Detectives have ruled out arson as the cause of a fire Saturday night in a residential building on West Forest Avenue, between Webster and Decatur avenues, the city’s police chief said.

Fire crews from area departments, including Teaneck, were called to fight the blaze. Authorities said the fire was first reported at 11:32 p.m. Saturday and emergency crews were battling the flames into early Sunday. 

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Marcus

    Typical. A white hat climbs the ladder and gets off on the roof with no pack or tools. Way to set the example chief.

    • PEDRO

      Typical. Monday morning quarterback on a monday morning. WAY TO GO BROTHER.

      • Marcus

        Not Monday morning quarterbacking. Just stating the obvious.

  • Former Chief

    Well look at that, aggressive interior firefighting tactics and the fire goes out. And doesn’t burn down the entire row. The 2-1/2″ proponents should be pleased on this one. Actually, these FD’s get their fair share of work up there in north east New Jersey. Nice job Brothers.

  • Old School

    Were we watching the same video? I saw the fire go out after they put water on the fire from the outside. It had already vented through the roof.

    • Former Chief

      Yes, I think we were watching the same video. They obviously made an interior attack, there are big hose lines going in the front door. At some point in the video, you can see streams coming out from inside the building. I’m thinking they couldn’t make the second floor completely either because of fire or a compromised floor / ceiling / collapse issue. That’s why they came out and hit the remaining fire from the outside. It did vent through the roof either from vent holes cut before the video starts or just from fire spread into the cockloft. Either way, they made an aggressive fire attack on what appeared to be a well involved fire on arrival.