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Pre-arrival video: Contra Costa, California garage fire with explosions & green line.

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One neighbor with a green line and another with a camera just as Contra Costa, California firefighters arrive at a garage fire with explosions. No details on when or exactly where the fire occurred.

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  • Seasond Vet

    Throwing water from the sidewalk? WTF Get in there!!

  • Sharppointy1

    “Over here! Over here!” because clearly the firefighters couldn’t see the flames eating up the garage :)
    Hope the green line operator dropped his hose and got outta the way before he got some collateral steam damage.

  • Anonymous

    What ever happened to protecting the unburned? Give it a quick hit to knock down the bulk and prevent it from auto exposing, make the front door, protect the stairs / room to the garage, and make your push…

  • Former Chief

    From the limited video, it looked to me like they were knocking down the bulk of the fire in the garage and a crew was masking up to make an entry. The video was less than 3 minutes so we didn’t see what happened after the initial attack. What we saw looked OK to me. I agree Sharppointy, I didn’t think the initial rigs would miss the fire.

  • pipeman

    I love the question from FF to civilain. “Do you know if anyone is in there?” Why dont you do your job and go find out. Quick knock, make the front door, find the garage door, protect searches. FF 101.

  • Mack Seagrave

    Nice job. The Brothers stretched and operated a properly supplied attack hand line with a smoothbore nozzle making quick work of knocking down the heavy fire. They used the reach of the stream as there was no reason to initially enter the fire area inside the garage until it was completely knocked down. It appeared that firefighters were preparing to take a 2nd line inside the living quarters of the home to cut off any extension as well as to conduct searches, vent and overhaul. It’s always a pleasure to catch of video of firefighters who understand the need to rapidly deploy an attack line and stop the fire from spreading.

  • Rudedawg

    What about using the pre-piped thing on the engine that is sitting right in line with the garage. Yep, the deck gun. Here is another good use for that attack monitor. Set it up, and let it put out the bulk of the fire. We all worry about “pushing the fire”, but it is going to burn the place down if we don’t put water on it. Knock it down, then go put the extension out. Open the nozzle and leave it open until the fire goes out. Very simple concept.

    • bereal2us

      No disrespect, but if your idea is to use a deck gun on this, then you have a lot to learn.

  • led by the dead

    Nice job !!== Hit it big and quick.
    This operation seams to work well for us. While this is underway we move lines into the interior,the quick hit is then halted.
    Just a guy with 31 years saying looks good to me.Fire out,most problems go away. stay thirsty and safe my friends!!!!!

  • Steve in NJ

    Don’t see anything terribly wrong with the tactics used in this garage fire. As we know, all attached garage fires are two line fires. One to the garage and one to the interior. Clearly the goal is to cut off the spread of the fire to the dwelling area from the garage. It’s a jugement call. In the best case scenario you want to send in a recon guy to make sure the door is closed before you open up a line from the driveway but… In this case the initial arriving companies determined that the best way to prevent the spread of the fire was with a quick knockdown.

  • RJ(in florida)

    At 2:20 ” i was about to get in there?” i love civilian hero commentators along with the green hose crew…gotta side with going in from the unburned side though

  • Anonymous

    Oh my god… It is amazing! We put water on the fire in the garage and the house didn’t burn to the ground! Who would have thought!? Just goes to show that you don’t always need to “make a push” into a garage with all kinds of shit exploding, or take your first line into the house and search around for the garage door for 6 minutes before putting any water on the fire. These guys had their shit together and it showed… good size up, quick deployment of the CORRECT hose line and quick water on the fire while the other crews were getting ready to go inside. Also, to “pipeman”… Clearly you have spent your entire career on the engine or you would realize that asking the civilians who are standing outside if there is anyone in the house is actually a very pertinent question for the crew going in to do the search.

  • Stumper

    You probably ought to watch this again and notice the rollover. Think about the flames that are rolling out. Its not hard to see that the only way to get water to the interior in a proper way is to get the nozzle low enough to make the Stream effective instead of emptying the tank on the garage floor doing no good for the ceiling and upper rear wall.

  • ukfbbuff

    Dave, don’t have the date yet, but the fire was located in the City of Concord, Calif..

    Good Defensive mode on the initial fire attack. I’m certain once what was found to be popping (Ammunition or aerosol cans) they probably switch tactics and went interior.


    Another thing to keep in mind about “ya gotta make that push into the garage” is that puts you squarely into the zone of catching that garage door & framework that is going to fail and collapse well before the ceiling does. I believe there was either a LODD or serious injury from that within the last year or so.
    And, yeah, many people considering asking the civilian standing outside if they know if anyone else is inside as a good thing … maybe even part of your job.

  • Bill

    The fire occurred March 25, 2012 and was located on Bluerock Circle in Concord, CA.

  • DD

    266 gpm, fire went out! boom!

  • Hollywood

    Advanced fire on arrival! GPM vs. BTU’s = 2 1/2 its that simple!Put the big fire out then go inside and put the rest of the fire out..Get an Engine Company inside with a line and get a truck inside for a search…this was not a defensive fire, it’s a knockdown the body of fire, send crews in for a search and go inside and check for extension fire. The company appeared offensive, aggressive, and well trained. Good Job!