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Raw video: Triple-decker fire in Cambridge, MA.

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An early morning fire in a triple-decker on Brewer Street in Cambridge from January 30, 2012. Firefighters make progress on the second floor starting around the 4:00 mark. Some small blasts can be heard and seen coming from the unit above them. Video from

It was during this two-alarm fire that three firefighters were shocked when a ladder they were moving hit a power line.

Read more about the fire here.

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  • Sharppointy1

    To any firefighter: can you please explain to this buff why in the first few minutes there was a FF putting water in the window while I could see other FF’s inside the building? Pure newbie curiosity on my part.
    Hope the injure FF’s are making a rapid recovery.

    • BH

      Don’t think he was, looked to me like he was wetting down the exterior where the fire had been previously.

  • Truck Dude

    I was trying to figure that out too. It also seems the fire was contained and then I heard a loud “pop”. After that the fire went up to the next floor.

  • scba272

    Hope someone from BFD will post what occurred, seem they had it knocked, that’s the devil for you.

    • The52nd

      I don’t think anyone from BFD will be able to help you. That fire is in Cambridge.

      Looks to me, in the scene where the guy on the ladder is cleaning out windows, that the fire is in the second floor ceiling. I’d guess that it was missed, and ran the void spaces. Maybe someone from CFD will chime in.