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Helmet-cam & dash-cam: Missouri's West Plains Fire Department handles a house fire.

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It’s been a while since we’ve run a video from Missouri’s West Plains Fire Department. This is from a house fire yesterday on 3rd Street.

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  • FFYates2

    Good interior attack, but is there a staffing issue? Where are the other firefighters with the first firefighter? Maybe only 2 on the engine?I understand the other responsibilities, yet I see at least 2 more units there before the firefighter in the car gets there. Bottom line is they still did a good job and stayed low.
    I could do without the 4 min. or so of responding. just sayin.

    • FF328

      Well, from what I was told by the firefighters there, the call went out during work hours and most of the firefighters were at work and couldn’t respond. So they were low that day but only needed the two guys that went in anyway, so it worked out well. There were other guys that showed up but not until after the helmet cam guy made entry with the other firefighter. Those, you could not see.

    • 8truck

      WP only has paid drivers. They get the rig to the scene and everyone else responds POV.

  • A. Gates

    That was a solid, quick attack. Limited most of the damage to the room of origin, and managed to not burn it down to the slab. That’s ALOT better than most departments we’ve seen on here. Solid work with little manpower. Way to work it.

  • The52nd

    Solid work. For having a low turn out Hesse guys did great. Illustrates the difference in man power between depts.

  • The52nd

    I almost forgot. Anyone know what the flashing light on the back of the helmet is? I like that idea, and want to look into it. Thanks.

    • FF327

      I think it’s the helmet light battery pack

  • Robert Kramer

    How was the house still standing? Thought the police said it exploded……

  • Former Chief

    Nice job. I assume we saw the homeowner and her child in the front yard when the units arrived. You have to feel sorry for them. At least they were safe, hopefully they have insurance and the support of friends and family.

  • Firemanwill

    Great fire attack from a great crew. There are many big city departments that have trouble doing this basic fire attack well. Sometimes we get caught up in the admin/staffing/etc. and the fire never goes out.

    I’d be a proud member of this community to have such great service.