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Trust me, you probably have never seen a response to a fire quite like this one.

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This is truly an amazing video. It has some of the elements of a Hollywood car chase scene. In fact, it reminds a bit of the famous chase scene from The French Connection. Okay, that may be going a little far, but it is probably among the best (or worst) fire chase videos I’ve seen.

I don’t know if it’s a home response or this is an official fire department vehicle in Quezon City (the former capital and the most populous city in the Philippines). It is video from the helmet of a firefighter riding on the back of a motor bike operated by another firefighter as they race together to a fire on Wednesday. Admittedly not just any fire, but one that took out 200 homes and left 500 families homeless (click here to read more).

To be a firefighter in Quezon City it appears you need a unique set of driving skills that uses elements of both defensive and offensive driving, a loud voice, one handed driving (the other used for directing traffic) and a hell of a lot of luck. And I guess you must have something sizable between your legs besides the motor bike.

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  • Willy

    Can’t we all chip in some money and buy that guy one of those helmets with the rotating red light?

    • Sharppointy1

      Love your idea, Willy.
      Dave, you say he has some major cojones…I wonder if he’s making up in testicle size for what he’s lacking between his ears! Scary driving…but they got there OK, so who am I to complain?

      • dave statter

        Did I really say that my dear? Or did you make that assumption from something I wrote. Maybe what I was getting at is that it was a Starbucks coffee he was holding between his legs. Need to be highly caffinated to pull that off. But as always, I love your input, filthy mind and all.


  • scba272

    He needs a siren not a flagman, however, with our present/future gas prices, this method of travel coming to volunteer dept near you, LOL thanks for the laugh.

  • David Mitchell

    So, maybe it is not the French Connection but it does remind me of some of the responses a friend of mine and I used to make as news reporters in the 1960s. Fortunately, there were no handheld cameras then to record our moments of daredevil driving (and stupidly).

  • SB


  • Tree

    I’ve known some fellow volunteers who could have provided similar entertainment, if they had been taped…

  • Crowbar

    I believe we have a winner in the Chaotic Videos category.

  • Anonymous

    The response was third world but their tactics appear to be good. They were smart enough to put master streams on the fire. PEE GEE are you paying attenting? You may have used modern technology to respond but your tactics are third world.

  • Jay-ar Ong

    apparently the hand waiving at traffic was of the passenger’s, and those houses burning were illegal settlers in quezon city. This huge fire happened only this week, and all you see here is a common thing during an alarm here in the Philippines

  • Anonymous

    If the Tea Baggers get their way this is the types of responses you’ll be seeing in major cities across the US.

  • dadman

    At least they had proper PPE.

  • Oh Lord

    Im sure there are some Volly companys in PA and Ohio that have done this before.

    Be safe out there.

    • Geoff

      I’m pretty sure there are volly companies in all fifty states that have done this before!

  • blues 1

    On A Mission From Gawd

  • Lt.

    Perfect truck placement for the scooter… Far enough away that your brothers won’t see it but close enough to walk in and save the day.

  • Kurt2308

    I’m on my house when the fire broke out. I’m a Volunteer Firefighter of this group since 2003, but I’m a Volunteer since 1997. I always respond in a Fire call if I have a free time only becuase as a Volunteer, WE DON’T receive any money or salary. But GOD gave me a talent to give help to people in times of distress call. I cannot ignore or sit back, relax watch a TV if theres a Fire in my A.O.R. Yeah I drove my SCOOTER @40KPH because here WE are 3rd world, WE DON’T have MPH. In early days of being a Volunteer I Walk, I run just to get there to save someone’s house or someone’s life. I pray to GOD to give me more strength to serve my community as a Volunteer Firefighter, and I’m not stupid because I ride my scooter that time because I don’t have $25,000.00 for a Firetruck. I have only 50pesos to gas-up my scooter to get there and FIGHT the FIRE with my group. Goodluck to all who criticize me, but I accept it as a compliment because there is GOD watching us, HE knows who is better or who is worse…

    • Oh Lord


      A little overboard on the humor!

    • Anonymous

      You were the one that was driving the scooter? I am a retired professional firefighter from usa living in manila now. What you do is GREAT. Dont stop!!! I respect what you do. And yes here in Philippines you dont have the equiptment or training we have in usa but it does not mean ur any less brave.

  • Geoff

    I work with some of these guys and girls in Saudi. No shortage of guts at all. And if you haven’t been out of the US don’t even think you understand the difficulties these guys face. That traffic and driving isn’t anything compared to Mumbai or Riyadh!

  • AbsoluteReality


    Looks like a good way to become part of the problem,
    not part of the solution…

    Stay Safe and Work Smart

  • Anonymous

    How does the old (new) saying go “Risk a little to save a little and risk a lot to save a lot” 200 homes on fire this applies to risk a lot. Game on and Strike Da Box!!! PS nice tanker shuttle…. K

  • PPFD

    Sold a pair of cheap simple fire gloves years ago to a Philippine FF. We exchanged emails for while after this. I remember him saying that they received the bare minimum in firefighting equipment in general. He was really excited to get these what you and I would call throw away gloves.

  • Former Chief

    Someone get that guy a Federal “Q” for that scooter.