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Surveillance video: Fire starter starts himself on fire. Then races off in flames on his bicycle.

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In Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands surveillance video from a week ago shows an arsonist who sets a vehicle and himself on fire and then rides off on a bicycle. No further details.

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  • oldhead

    Hahaha thanks for the day brightener Dave! I truly enjoy watching idiots get theirs. And it looks like it was his crotch on fire too, that makes it even better!

  • Anonymous

    If you are gonna be Stupid….Better be tough

  • Sharppointy1

    Wonder how he explained himself in the emergency department.

  • F. Uryich

    Looks like the job of a Troll, guess they are still setting fires.


    We can only hope that his injuries prevent him from reproducing.

  • ukfbbuff

    One dirt bag setting a car on fire…Crime of Arson.

    One dirt bag setting himself on fire in the process and caught on camera:


  • Crowbar

    Instant karma.

  • Vol. Firefighter

    Crime doesn’t pay!

  • Brian McAllister

    I almost choked to death on my coffee watching that. That was a fail on an epic level. Just shows the intelligence level of most arsonists.

  • Legeros

    I guess that’s what you call hot footing it away!

  • mark

    Wonder if his wooden shoes caught fire……..