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Green line firefighting in the desert. Tenant drops hose & runs when Twentynine Palms, CA firefighters arrive.

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Three video clips from a neighbor who came running with a green line when he saw a nearby home burning in the 69000 block of Pole Line Avenue in Desert Heights near Twentynine Palms, California (San Bernardino County) on Thursday afternoon. He wasn’t the only one who ran. If you listen to the conversation on clips 2 & 3 below you will hear the videographer and another person discuss that a person who lives in the house ran away. has an explanation:

Twentynine Palms firefighters with support from Combat Center Fire responded to a structure fire yesterday near Lear and Pole line in the North Twentynine Palms area of Desert Heights.

Fire Chief Jim Thompson said the single-story residence had one tenant in it when the fire broke out. Arriving firefighters said the tenant was attempting to douse the fire with a garden hose but threw the hose down and ran away as they approached. Responding Sheriff’s Deputies located him a short time later; he was found to a parolee-at-large and placed under arrest.

At least two dogs died in the fire.

Here’s more on Twentynine Palms Fire Department from its website:

The Twentynine Palms Fire Department responds to approximately 2500 calls for assistance each year. The 88 square mile service area is covered by two fire stations; Station 421 (Headquarters) located at 6560 Adobe Road and Station 422 (Desert Heights) located at 3834 Lear Ave. Each Station is staffed 24-hours a day by a three-person engine company consisting of a career (paid) company officer and two volunteer reserve firefighters. Operational command is handled by a career duty officer who is either in station or on-call within the district.

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  • fyrecapt

    Save your water for the exposures!!

    Oh wait, nevermind…lol

  • FireGears

    Thankfully he was captured.
    Of course, while the fire was still small, had he used a 5-gallon fire extinguisher
    which had an Fire Extinguishing Agent mixed with the plain water …
    used a “green line inductor system”, like a Scotty Product filled with a Fire Extinguishing Agent,
    which would have greatly improved the ability of plain water to control a smaller fire
    he might be a free man today.

    But, those who run from the law are rarely that wise.

    Stay Safe and Work Smart

  • Capt 45-2

    Come on where was the laddering and VES and why did they not lay in from the plug Haaaaaaaaaaa

  • Anonymous

    I love it. “The gas tank is gonna blow!” Another guy that watched too many episodes of CHiPs in the ’80s