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Fireground audio & more early video: Jet crash & fire at Virginia Beach apartment complex.

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Additional audio from

Above is fireground audio from today’s jet crash in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Below is more early video showing forcible entry by police officers and firefighters as they perform searches in units adjacent to the fire.

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  • Rom Duckworth

    That dispatch is unreal. It could only be an aircraft into an apartment complex with that number of units out on the first alarm.

  • NBFRvollie

    I dont remember the shoulder method in forcible entry class lucky they didnt break there shoulder

    • mark

      What I find interesting is that the cop did a far better job of forcible entry than the fireman.

      Never heard of a broken shoulder persay, though. Dislocated, but not really broken.

      Donkey kick always works for me.

      • Charlie

        The cop did a better job because the door had already been forced by the fireman. You can see it was already open.

  • Captain Daddy

    I love the cops they make me laugh all the time. Some times with comical moves like this but mostly with their dark sarcasm.

    Smarter not harder brothers use the halligan. Probably could have got the door with the adz in the jamb by yourself. Never really saw the benifit of the TNT tool.