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Banned in DC. Or is it band in DC? Staind's Aaron Lewis with a DCFD t-shirt.

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DCFD may be banned in the DC Fire & EMS Department but that doesn’t mean it’s lost and gone forever. Occasionally it shows up in some unusual places. We were alerted to this one via a Tweet from the Washington Post’s Mike Debonis. The shirt is one from Engine 16, Tower 3 and BC 6.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Sally

    Get over the dang t-shirt thing already. Geeesh!! So you are now fire and ems. When you get your paycheck to pay your family and you go on vacation and enjoy life, does it really matter?

    • Ryan

      It’s more than a T-shirt. It’s a name, a tradition and a heritage. Something that those who arn’t DCFD or closely associated with DCFD wouldn’t understand.

  • Sally

    Horses and dalmations were tradition too. So were klaxons and bells on the front bumper. What matters these days is keeping members at work, and trying not to get pay and benefits cut. All this rantin’ and ravin’ ain’t gonna help matters when it comes to tryin’ to negotiate for things. We just look like a bunch of bitches. Sorry, times HAVE changed.

  • Kevin

    Times sure have changed!! When did Aaron Lewis go country for cryin’ out loud?!?

    • Rich

      Check out his “Town Line” album. Totally different from Staind but still pretty good.