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Quick thinking by firefighters is good news for PA woman. Cutting through wall of burning Hummelstown home became most direct route to victim.

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Matt Miles at sends along this interesting rescue from this morning in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. Matt sees it as a couple of firefighters thinking outside the box during a fire and a woman brought to safety because of it. Here’s what Matt wrote:

This morning at 0730 while operating on a structure fire with one trapped at 103 East Main Street in Hummelstown – Dauphin County, PA a team of two Fireman; Cory Allwein and Duane Wood encountered heavy fire in the stairwell on side Charlie of a taxpayer. The crew of two knew they had to gain entry for rescue quickly. They then threw a ground ladder to the roof, made their way to a point where they thought they might be passed the burning stairs and opened a hole in the exterior wall with a vent saw to make access! 


Once the crew made their way through the hole they encountered high heat and heavy smoke. They pushed down a hallway and made access to the PTs apartment. Once inside they heard her screaming and found her lying on the floor in heavy smoke banked down to the floor. The two man crew then guided the woman back the way they came to the safety of the roof. The woman was then assisted down the ladder to awaiting EMS!

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  • Crowbar

    Give those guys a medal. Brilliant rescue!

  • Brian

    Good job! It’s nice to see a great save by making a innovative decision. The troops should be proud. Another live spared by quick thinking.

  • Mack Seagrave

    Congratulations on your successful rescue Brothers!

  • Anonymous

    Great Job! Way to think outside the Box! Strike Da Box K

  • Capt 45-2

    NICE JOB !!!


    Adapt, improvise, overcome!
    Nice job, troops!

  • ricko

    Way to think out of the box! We are taught this as a RIT tactic…no reason it can’t be used for victim rescue or getting to the seat of the fire.

  • The52nd

    Nice. Outside the box thinking when it was needed. Good job.

  • scba272

    Life saved and all go home what a concept training at its best outstanding men

  • ZZZZzzzzz

    hmm….wait a minute… VES saves lives, it really works? but, isn’t it dangerous?

    While this wasn’t your normal thru the window VES it was VES none the less! (thats where kudos’ for ingenuity go way up!) Excellent job brothers, thats what it is all about!

  • Former Chief

    Quick thinking and successful tactics. Nice job.

  • Agates1272

    Wow, this story makes me proud to be a firefighter! Way to think on your feet and make an innovative decision. These two are absolute genuises, and we can all learn something from them! Way to make the save!!!!!

  • Scooter

    Great Job Thinking out of the Box and of course… Strike Da Box! K

  • Joseph Fiorica

    Great job thinking outside the box to perform this rescue. Thinking outside the box is something that seems to be going away.

  • ricko

    Stockton would have kicked a hole in the wall.

  • mark


    Nice work

  • peak

    Someone should submit that to the 2012 Firehouse Heroism and Community Service Awards.

  • al k hal

    Several weeks ago I was part of an instructors group teaching a structural burn class at Harrisburg Area Community College. Gaining access to trapped folks came up. The dicussion was led by an outstanding man in today’s fire service,Mr. Ron Givler a director at HACC.
    Various ways of gaining access were talked over.Many of the thoughts were out side the box. Harrisburg area has some very smart agressive ff. Way to go boys very proud of all involved.
    ps I have no idea if anyone involved in the burn class were on this run. I would not be surprised that Ron had a hand in the training of these folks at somepoint in their fire service career.

  • jammie

    Way to go my honey – Duane I am so proud of you!

  • Joe Cool

    Good job, But wouldn’t been easier,quicker and safer to use the window in the room she was in?????

    PS, Before it starts I was there.

    • C442

      Jc. I was there too, and went thru that front window, once manpower permitted. As a career and vol., with 40 plus years of service. The initial staffing, and placement, basically two very different pictures! The Monday morning stuff can not take anything away from these two f/f’s, one a very green kid, and the other maybe a thirty year old. Both of these f/f deserve a medal, and your and every other f/f’s respect for their fast, sound, and out of the box solution to their immediate needs on that firehround!!! I was proud to congratulate them both on the scene, when I exited the third division!

    • Cory 46

      Think… You haven’t been inside yet.. you dont know where all the fire is coming from.. taking a window prolly wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do when you have a victim in side about 25 feet from that fully involved stariwell when your on the first piece in, i did as i was trained, im 18 years old… i try to be as aggressive as possible, we worked as a team with 5 guys on the truck that morning.. i couldnt have left any happier that day after we marked control.

  • 92

    What the job is all about. WELL DONE