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Pre-arrival video: House fire in Cornwall, Ontario.

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A fire in Cornwall, Ontario. No further information.

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  • Lichmi Asch

    Leave it to the ever helpful and polite Canadians to move their cars from respective driveways/garages, neither of which are in any immediate danger and park them in the street to obstruct operations. Thanks a lot “NUMPTY”!! People in general are such F–cking idiots at times you have to wonder how they survive on a day to day basis.

    • 95%er

      generally most people have never had the house next to them catch fire. so they access the mental files they have of what happens when a house catches fire, and their brain’s hard drive brings them images from the movies and TV.

      Those images are full of flames, exploding homes and devastation.

      so they move the cars. they have no clue we want their street to lay hose and park the rigs.

  • Anonymous

    I had high hopes on this one… Line run in 19 seconds but then 1.33 after arrival to charge the line and then 2.25 after arrival to get in the door. Truck Company laying out? Come on man the Engine should have made the stretch. Basics basics. Truck Company laid out then…. what? did not see ladders, going in the door or anything (unless they were on the side out of view). Strike Da Box! K

    • Heyspike

      Ditto. no truck ops, good agressive 2 man engine crew. Where was the ventilation, take the front door and windows, guys standing around doing nothing while the brothers inside taking a beating.

    • 8truck


  • Truckie88

    I guess the Canadians don’t believe in venting roofs? That’s an easy ladder throw & vent job for a single story hip roof.

  • Seasoned Vet

    Seems that one of the many fireman walking and milling around could have thrown a 16′ ladder and opened the roof.

  • Eastside

    I agree with the comments as well. But go back and look at the video when the Truck “finally” lay’s out. It is driver only. That’s puts another twist on things. I am assuming that the Truck’s driver layed out, and hooked up the supply line for the Engine Conpany. Apparently they have strange SOP’s for apoparatus placement, and duties.

  • BH

    Engines taking the address (pretty sure that preconnect was long enough to get the house on the next block, fellas. Blocking the neighbor’s driveway wouldn’t have killed you, or him.), towers laying feeders past the building (a crime no matter how you slice it), half the department standing on the front lawn while two guys are taking a steambath inside…. Glad I don’t work there. Or live there.

  • Jerome Smiff

    The guy with the yellow helmet and no air-pack on wants sooooo badly to do something but has no freakin’ clue. It was hilarious watching him. One step left…..stop…..two steps right….stop….pick up line…..drop line…..2 steps backwards…..look left then right…..disappear out of view….reappear….start walking…..stop….look left, look right….NO CLUE

  • Rudedawg

    Hey, For a change I AGREE with the 1.75″ attack line. This is where it should be used. The engine should have laid in. Even if they just wrap the hydrant and lay out the line. The next in engine or a member of that truck company can make the hydrant connection saving some time. The roof was to a degree self venting, but there should have at least been some ladders thrown up, and some horizontal vetilation (I may get a post beating for saying that). Good backup line placement, and the 1.75″ line for that is good too! I would have recommended my favorite (according to some of my statter friends) 2.5″ line as a backup, but the 1.75″ line was making progress as indicated by the smoke color change. There will never be a “perfect” operation.

  • Anonymous

    after the supply line was charged I guess the guy who picked it up [ and I thought was going to straighten out the kink] figured it out that it was going to have to cross under the DO NOT CROSS POLICE tape line not wanting to get into trouble he just dropped the kink he had in his hand always helps with the friction loss when the hose is closed off

  • firemark

    Nice fire attack. I would not have wanted the windows taken with that wind. What I would want. Constant water, more pressure on my attack line, second line, vertical vent(maybe even all at once). Once good knock down on the fire, then we can play with windows, salvage, extension and all the other heroic things we do. Second guessing how a department will get the job done with the resources they have, I’ll leave to the rest of you.