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Must see video: Motel roof collapses on top of San Antonio, Texas firefighters.

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More raw video from fire

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The fire broke out late Friday afternoon at the Studio 6 Extended Stay, located in the 11200 block of Highway 281 South, near the Rhapsody intersection.

The fire spread from the second to third floors of the hotel and billowing flames could be seen erupting from the roof, causing it to collapse on top of several firefighters.


Firefighters experienced a scare when a portion of the roof collapsed, appearing to hit nearby firefighters. However, no firefighters were hurt.

When the roof collapsed, Hood said firefighters implemented a defense approach and let one of the hotel’s buildings burn.


“That’s one of those moments when your heart just goes to your feet because we have reports of firefighters trapped,” Chief Hood said.

Crews feared the worst but fortunately, every firefighter made it out safely.

Engines full of crews waited in the wings, ready to go at a moment’s notice.  

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Comments - Add Yours

  • OleTN

    It was not the roof that fell on the firefighters. It was the faux facade. If you closely at the start of the video, the officer appears to be pushing up on the facade. If it is sagging so much, that you can easily reach up to it, then the firefighters should not have been up there. Risk vs benefit. The fire had already self vented, command should not have allowed anyone on those upper floors.

  • Anger Management

    The Battalion Chief and Operations Chief should be fired for even letting anyone even remotely within the collapse zone of that structure. There is absolutely nothing that any handline would have done to make a difference with that amount of fire.

  • The Safety Gnome

    Every working fire should have a dedicated safety officer who has nothing to do but watch out for this kinda threat. This was plainly evident that this was going to come down. Glad that it was light weight stuff and no one was seriously hurt.

  • Sharppointy1

    I am amazed at how calm the firefighters look from our eye in the sky perspective. They gather themselves up, shake it off and proceed down the stairs.
    Thank God no one was hurt.

  • Anonymous

    If watching this video doesn’t anger you, then you don’t get it…. Why are you up there?

  • E1 LT

    Some guys just don’t get it….. But at least they have a great story to tell of how they cheated death over a pile of burning debris. I know, “what if” there were still people up there….

  • JustSayin”


    Just business as usual in the American Fire Service

    We did miss an opportunity for ANOTHER super-duper FD Funeral Service

    But don’t worry .. there will be plenty more


    Bet they’ll do the same stupid thing next time…

  • Brian

    Glad no one was badly injured. I will save the Monday morning stuff for others with more knowledge about this incident and the job than me. Just glad the FF made it out OK. We have had to many Police and Fire losses recently……………

  • mark

    Glad the brothers are OK, but what in God’s green earth was someone thinking?

    This would be one of those times that insubordination would be just fine, because this was STUPID.

  • Firefighter

    Looks like those firefighters had Guardian Angels looking out for them.

  • Former Chief

    A close call for sure. Glad they are all OK. Another incident to learn from.

  • Anonymous

    Think its just an example of why we have to always be diligent in our PPE, SCBA, and training on every run. Sometimes stuff like this happens and we have to control the risks we can.

  • CaptDick

    Good thing this didn’t happen in DCFEMS. You guys would be catching hell for saying the strategy and tactics were irresponsible. I fully agree with Just Sayin- I just hope they had their FR pools on to keep the stupid from hurting them!

  • CaptDick

    Polos , darn auto fill!