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Helmet-cam video: Milwaukee, WI apartment fire.

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A fire Tuesday morning in the 5800 block of 87th Street in Milwuakee.

A 2-year-old boy was thrown from a window and a woman jumped from the same second-story apartment to escape a fire Tuesday on Milwaukee’s northwest side.

Also, a 13-year-old might have jumped from a separate apartment in the building in the 5800 block of N. 87th St., according to Milwaukee Fire Department records. Firefighters said none of the injuries appears life threatening.

WTMJ Radio:

“We had a 25-year-old female that, in order to escape the fire, jumped  from a second floor porch, a two-year-old that was thrown down to a  bystander as well, and then I was told also a 13-year-old that suffered minor injuries while escaping the fire,” Milwaukee Fire Deputy Chief Randall Zingler told Newsradio 620 WTMJ’s Dan O’Donnell.

“We found three of the four units fully involved in the fire.”

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  • Bob Sacamento

    Dang, fire to the left-fire to the right-fire down below and up above, looks like a lot of hard work from a fire spread by the wind. Good job guys, get in there and get it, check.

  • 95%er

    this is called interior firefighting. when you do it, the fire goes out. learn it, watch the video. great job.

  • BH

    “This video is private.”

  • Steve in NJ

    And now this video has been taken down. So sad, Some paper shuffling bureaucrat at city hall can’t be bothered to see the value of something like this to the million or so firefighters out there that use helmet cam videos as a training tool. And I’m sure the business administrator or city hall kool-aid drinker is going to hide behind some flim flam excuse that they are protecting the privacy of their residents or that the person who posted the video didn’t follow city policy on social media. Yeah right! Always thinking of new and innovative ways to bust the unions’ balls.