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Pre-arrival video: Car into vacant house sparks fire in Redmond, Washington.

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At about 8:15 p.m. Saturday night a car, a Lexus headed northbound on 148th Avenue NE in Redmond swerved off the road and crashed into a home on the corner of NE 61st Way, hitting a natural gas line in the process and igniting a fire, according to Jim Bove spokesman for the Redmond Police department.

The home was engulfed by the time the Redmond Fire Department responded but the blaze was quickly extinguished.

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  • Scooter

    1 min 57 seconds to get water… then hit it from 75′ away… come on man basics, basics, basics. Run the line and get it charged in 30 seconds or less (at the fire not 75′ away). Darken it down and then push in. I hope knowbody was in the house because I did not see much of a effort to push in for a search as they darken it down,and everyone please learn from this videos to TRAIN ON THE BASICS! Strike Da Box K

    • Agates1272

      I agree completely. No rush to get out of the rig once they pulled up, and took forever to get water going. No sense of urgency, and complete failure on the priorities. I’m glad no one was in the house, because this department would have taken alot of heat had there been.

  • mark

    Not that it mattered in this instance, but can someone please explain to me the dry pump thing on the West Coast? I just don’t get it.

    Are there pumps different than the rest of the country? Do they get mysterious flash freezes that cause pumps to freeze up instantly as they leave the house?

    Run dry ice in the pump compartment to prevent overheating?

    Or are they perfecting that mating call that someone referred to in one of the SoCal fires?

    Just a waste of time and asking for problems. Everyone else in the lower 48 runs their pumps wet, except for the temperate parts of the West Coast. Maybe a few spots in MontanaWyomingDakotas that run them dry, but it actually gets cold in those areas.

  • 95%er

    I’m glad they have an SOP that all apparatus must hit the FedQ brake the second the rig stops. That was cool.
    I’ll be that nice new Pierce had a deck gun on it.
    I’ll bet that nice new Pierce with deck gun would have made even quicker work of that fire. did go out pretty quick. But waiting for the pump to prime and the line get charged does feel like a LONG time.

    Not a bad job, just not as good as it could be.