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Helmet-cam: House fire in Oakley, California.

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This is a fire handled by the East Contra Costa Fire Protection District at 4792 Bayside Way in Oakley, California. No date given, but this one follows that growing trend of having musicians travel with the firefighters, though this band isn’t as loud (maybe I’m mistaken and it’s just someone’s iPod feeding back through the helmet-cam).

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  • clay

    Wow two green lines pulled. Like the ringing of the doorbell before entering, ha ha! This is a good training video, read what the building/fire is telling you.

  • scba272

    Dave, should had listed as the One That Almost Got Away.

  • Anonymous

    Did he poke a hole right next to the attic hatch?

    • CHAOS

      Yeah, it looked that way to me.
      If he gets paid by the foot of travel, he’s a rich man.
      If he gets paid by the amount of common sense he shows, we need to hold a fundraiser.

  • http://msn retiredin sc

    Not inpressed at all. Sad,to tell the truth.

  • Anonymous

    why would you make a hole in the ceiling when you have access to the attic right where he put the small hole to start with. took no tools in with the super ff, never went into the rooms to do a quick search of the rooms hard to do at the door

  • 95%er

    yo dude, totally awesome video man.
    but, like, really, it took you like 7 minutes and like, i don’t know man, like maybe 3 or 4 trips up and down the stairs to figure out where the fire was?

    c’mon man, the neighbors were pointing to it and the one dude with the kinda bald head had a green line on it.

    but the roof dudes, they flipped a nice piece of roof into that hole. they were, like, totally awesome and pretty fast.

    interior dudes, not so much.

    but fire went out…coool dude.

  • Bob

    Mutual aid, competent officer, tic not being used strange operations

  • Paul O’Kasey

    Couple things…Where did they get that jet engine for their pumper? Also incredibly polite for them to ring the door bell when entering. Especially after yelling at the homeowners and then tossing their ladder for no apparent reason. This was not a very good display of firefighting. Bring the attic ladder when you bring your hook and then also just use the attic access thats already there. Couldve been in that attic a lot sooner.

  • Scott

    Man this guy has a battery on him, get that guy some bunny ears & a drum!
    Seriously, what a great showing how to go through your size-up check list. He identified it as an attic fire, got the stuff he needed & put it out with minimal damage to the home(literally by himself). Great work on this job!

    • 95%er

      really? cocks head like my crazy bull mastiff? you serious? what video did you watch?

      • Scott

        My point was simply he busted his chops. Was it a perfect job, no. Plenty of stuff to learn. But “A” for effort no less.

        • 95%er

          scott, when we grade the firefighter olympics here, we don’t give anything for effort. you get no points for degree of difficulty either.

          you get points for results. fire out. that’s it.

          this guy did tons of stuff, but he didn’t accomplish what he needed to do in a reasonable amount of time.

          worst part is the clues were staring him in the face when he got off the rig. if you got smoke coming from the attic on arrival, and you get up to the top floor and you don’t find fire, well..with 100% certainty, that fire is over your head.

          in this case, it clearly was wayyyyy over his head.

  • 105truckie

    I don’t know what’s worse, the music or the fact he can’t get an attic ladder.

  • CFD

    Dude’s bustin his ass!! Can’t a brother get some help?

  • livindadream

    Living close to Oakley, I know its a small town so staffing must be small, but the old man has gotta do more than talk on the radio, block the doorway and watch this guy do everything. Too many trips outside. Bring the tool with you. The line was pulled, get it inside and knock it down. Opening the hallway did nothing but damage portions of the home where its not needed. Open the room where smoke is showing. Once they found the fire they did a good job of quick knock down.

  • Anonymous

    Overall they did a pretty good job once they found it by getting to it and getting it out. If he had been using that thermal cam hooked to him from the get go he would most likely have found that fire about 5 minutes earlier when he first looked in the utility closet where it was burning in the attic above. Luckily it wasn’t moving real fast through the attic.

  • jon


  • Anonymous

    This video title should read “Improper tactics of a freelancing firefighter.” He obviously did no size up prior to running into the house. They pulled up to smoke coming from the ATTIC, a guy on the garage roof with a green line hitting the ATTIC. And had a TIC attached to his Air pack, which would have showed the fire in the ATTIC!!! No tools, left the line at the front door (several times) and unnecessary trips up and down the steps. That’s what that radio hanging over his shoulder is for. Bad video to show your tactics and size up, but great for training!!!

  • Anonymous

    Less adrenaline would be a positive.

  • WFDT

    I fear that the proliferation of helmet cam videos is driving the need for some of these guys to focus on getting cool footage rather than doing the job.

  • Shack

    I guess the people that post these on Youtube THINK they did a great job, I mean, like Dave says, they even have a “band” with them and all. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful they do, as they are great training videos, and we show them often in our firehouse for that reason.

    As many have mentioned already, with the excellent interior conditions, that was not a, uh, great primary search to say the least. I’m glad others commented on the hole being punched in the attic next to the open attic access, I thought I was going to have to buy some new “cheaters” as my +1’s weren’t doing the trick any more.

    And, well, the TIC….or lack of use……nevermind, we all know

    Thanks for digging these up Dave, we appreciate it!

  • 7House

    He really didn’t like that step-ladder did he? All that running around didn’t seem to accomplish much either. I’m with WTFD, I think the more people use these helmet cams, the more they are going to “put on a show” for the camera. My department is going to put out a policy before too long forbidding them, although I don’t know of anyone that has one. I recall Fort Worth or Dallas banned them not long ago.

  • 8truck

    I wish I had a band with me :(

    “A firefighter without a tool is only a trained citizen”

  • Dickey

    Nice house but what a dump inside. Was that a grow operation in the closet? Thought I saw plants in there…maybe of the recreational kind.

    This guy needs to chill a bit and think about what he is doing. No fire in the house, where else would it be? Hmmm…. Nice hole in the ceiling within a foot of the attic access…duh!

    Why is he running around inside, outside, inside, outside, etc. Dude, look at where the smoke is coming from. Oh yeah, use the TIC!

  • CS_Raynor

    Was it me, or is there a grow operation in that house? Inquiring minds wish to know.

    • CS_Raynor

      Never mind it was, LOL watching the first bit of the video answered that question. As for the TIC, would it have done that much good considering the amount of insulation in the attic and the seperation with the drywall ceiling?

  • 67 Truck

    Ok i agree with the first two mins. of the vid. He got the bystandards out of the way he searched for the fire and searched for occupants great job but thats where it goes south. Made a good call for the attic ladder but then he poked a whole right next to the attic entrance and then proceeded to walk out to the engine (where the attic ladder was) and went back in the house without it. I have to give it to Scott tho he did do a lot of this video by himself but still this video was 5 min lonmger than it needed to be. But hey we are all monday morning ouarterbacks but thats what we are here for if in the end someone walks away with a little more knowledge then hell its all worth it..

  • Anonymous

    Another great video ruined by music

  • Shhh…

    If you need an attic ladder and one is not brought to you then on your third trip outside get one off the rig. He had a hook and attack line if he got the attic ladder on his first trip outside he could have done the job all by himself in about 4 minutes.

  • BH

    What’s the deal with all the straps on the crosslay?

  • Tommy D

    My question is why was he calling the shots when he was riding backwards??? Was the other guy just pretending to be an officer? Just a little confused there. Also, that room he stuffed the extra hose in upstairs, was there some maryjane in there or did i see wrong??? Last but certainly not least, even if you had an attic ladder on the rig, why walk past the a-frame ladder that would have worked just fine too?? I know it was the owners but I dont think they would have been too worried about it. I mean if you cant get what you need, you improvise right?? All in all though he did a good job with the little help he was able to get.

  • CLT FF

    He’s carrying a TIC…but can’t find the fire. Also, an attic ladder would save all the trouble. WTH is the deal with making the hole near the attic access…tunnel vision? It’s like he never noticed the attic access was open.

    Also anyone notice that the upstairs bathroom had a fire extinguisher mounted on the wall??? Odd.

  • Roofman

    For those interested, its Check Yourself (Remix) by Ice Cube playing in the background.

    • dave statter

      Thanks Roofman. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep without knowing.