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Early video & fireground audio: House fire in Buffalo, New York.

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Fireground audio & more from Erie County Fire Wire 

This is Don Murtha III video from a fire around 11:30 last night near Woodlawn Avenue & Wohlers Avenue in Buffalo, New York.

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  • CFD Roughneck

    Great to have 3 Engines, 3 Trucks, 1 Heavy Rescue on the initial Alarm. What is the staffing in Buffalo? Also what are F 20, 8 and 11? Great stop.

    • Glow worm

      A little digging finds that F 20 is the EMS officer who may double as accountability officer, F 8 is a mobile air supply and F 11 is a Fire Marshall/investigator.

  • Truckie88

    I really miss my younger days of Fire Buffing in Buffalo NY. Those well trained, aggressive brothers see lots of fire. RIP Chip McCarthy

  • Anonymous

    1. Nice job making a stop in a building like that. Good work, B.F.D.
    2. Oh my god. That was aweful! Where was the LDH, deck gun?

    OK, Dave. You can close the comments now.

  • Shhh…

    Wow. No standing around waiting for someone to hit it with the “Big Guns”. I love it. Good old fashion go in and get bread n butter firefighting. A++++ Buffalo

  • 95%er

    put the fire out and all of your other problems go away.

    nice job BFD…as usual….

  • Capt 45-2

    Good work, good commutation, nice aggressive work, super job !!

  • Scott

    “1. Nice job making a stop in a building like that. Good work, B.F.D.
    2. Oh my god. That was aweful! Where was the LDH, deck gun?”

    Funny I was thinking the same thing. I choose option #1 Good job Buffalo.

  • retired chief

    It’s amazing, instead of milling around for several minute then hitting the fire from the sidewalk, they went in and turned right, opened the pipe and the fire went out.

    I didn’t see any reflective vests, clipboards or class A foam either, just aggressive firemen doing their job.

  • BH

    MY only question would be about having to pull the truck from the interior in order to get the roof opened.

  • lt fd seattle

    Nice fire ops from what we see in the video/photos.

    This goes for everybody, including my department, teams/companies working in close proximity- all but one member (officer or team-lead) should turn down their radio volumes in order to avoid the clarity-choking feedback issue. The members with turned-down volumes will still be able to transmit normally, should the need arise.

  • medic44

    lets get some ladders thrown on the Alpha side…