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Four firefighters accused of gang rape in what has been called a 'common' initiation ritual. Eight other Paris Fire Brigade members also face charges.

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 A judicial official says four firefighters in the French capital have been preliminarily charged with gang raping a colleague. Eight other firefighters received preliminary charges of aggravated violence.

The incident purportedly happened on a bus ride back from an athletic competition on May 6. A second firefighter has also alleged he was attacked.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity citing fire department policy, said Saturday that one of those charged remains in custody.

The official says the accused have claimed they were carrying out an initiation ritual common with new recruits and deny there was any sexual aggression.

Nicolas Cellupica, a lawyer for the two plaintiffs, has called for other firefighters who have suffered similar rituals to come forward.


As part of the alleged hazing incident, the young man was stripped and bitten, according to Le Parisien newspaper.

When he protested, several other young firemen pinned him down while one man sexually assaulted him. According to the claims, an officer was present but did not intervene.

Commentators say the affair threatens to damage the reputation of the Paris brigade, which has an 8,500-strong staff of men and women. Firefighting is one of France’s best-regarded professions and the Paris brigade is highly thought of. 

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Comments - Add Yours

  • SFC

    Despicable behavior for the fire service.

  • Legeros

    Hazing. I am still waiting for sociologists or psychologists to produce some studies that show the positive results of same. Seems like the media would be all over it. Here’s a great way to improve the morale of your team, and with great benefits for individual personal performance. I mean, it must be a tradition for reasons that benefited someone?!??

  • Helen

    WTF! is wrong with them? They are suppose to serve the public.

  • David

    Gee… they didn’t do that when I joined my fire department. Should I feel rejected?

  • waheid

    Hazing is a ritual that begins with the assumption that one party is superior to the other and the inferior party is obliged to submit. I spent 20 years in the USN. During much of that time the Navy was trying, unsuccessfully it turns out, to eliminate hazing. It seems that there are always some who are eager to lord it over others and to demonstrate how brainless, how depraved and how ruthless they can be. It is nothing more than ritualized bullying. Hazing has no place in the USN and it has no place in the fire service.

  • Lillith

    Myself and my boyfriend are both firefighters/E.M.T’s in our town. To hear something is completely horrid and inexcusable in many ways. People in communities are supposed to rely on and highly trust. Those members doing something like that not only loses trust but breaks the greatest most strongest bond of all, The brother/sisterhood. They hopefully will pay for their wrong doing and justice hopefully served.

  • mark

    What’s really amazing is that it apparently has been going on for some time and this is the first it has come to light.

    Or that none of the victims have gone postal before now.

    Disgusting and idiotic.

  • oldhead

    Exactly what in the eff is going on over there?! The Paris Fire Brigade is part of the French Army. Those dudes are in a world of trouble if they have to face a military tribunal. Unless of course the French Army condones this type of “hazing”. Sheesh.


    Wait until my wife hears me ranting about another reason I refuse to spend my tourist dollars in France. Geez…

  • ukfbbuff

    Disgraceful. You’d expect more Decorum from a members of such a large fire brigade.

    Courtmartial them if warranted.

    If they want any “breaks” perhaps they can find it in the Foreign Legion as a Military Service.