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DC battalion chief describes Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe as workplace bully. Washington Times reports Kevin Sloan's transfer is latest casualty of last year's beer incident.

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Previous coverage of beer incident

Battalion Chief Kevin Sloan told The Washington Times’ Andrea Noble that Chief Kenneth Ellerbe’s actions are “a classic example of workplace bullying”. Chief Sloan says that he was transferred from operations to the logistics division a week ago, less than four hours after finding Lt. Henry Dent not guilty on charges related to the beer Chief Ellerbe found in a refrigerator at the quarters of Engine 9 last year.

Kevin Sloan said in an article posted this evening on the paper’s website, “It’s not ethical, it’s not moral. It’s retaliatory action.”

Chief Sloan’s case has similarities to the demotion of Battalion Chief Richard Sterne in April after Sterne reduced the penalties against two other firefighters connected to the beer incident.

According to Noble, while Chief Sterne was notified his demotion was directly related to his handling of the disciplinary, Chief Sloan was not given an explanation for his sudden transfer.

From The Washington Times:

As part of Chief Sloan’s findings, he determined that Lt. Dent was not present at the fire station when the beer was delivered, so he could not be held accountable for accepting a gift. He also ruled that when Lt. Dent was notified by another firefighter that there was still beer in the station refrigerator, he told the firefighter to get rid of it but did not have enough time to check to ensure the order was followed through before Chief Ellerbe arrived.

Chief Sloan said the investigation was unusual and that evidence in the case went missing. In one instance, when he requested copies of taped interviews with witnesses the administration simply sent him paper photocopies of CDs, rather than the CDs themselves.

“For the rank and file, this takes away a fair, equitable disciplinary trial for the members,” Chief Sloan said. 

According to the article department spokesman Lon Walls refused to comment because the case is a personnel matter, but did say Chief Ellerbe has the final authority in the disciplinary process.

Read the entire article by Andrea Noble of The Washington Times


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  • who cares

    Where was all this compassion when he unfairly help suspend a member who had no disciplinary history for 36 hours. Did Chief Sloan think of that members family. No! He carried out and unjust system. Because his friend and colleague Schultz told him to. Amazing what happens when the umbrella of unfairness is taken away and replaced with a fair system. Take your detail like everyone else.i

    • Anonymous

      “unfairly help (ed) supend?” To put this at the step of this BC is wishful thinking, at best. Yes, there are a lot of unjustices in the last Administration. BTW, KS was not part of the Schultz fan club, but the Ex/Ret Ops Chief had a healthy respect for his character and knew he could hurt him.

      “Take your detail?” The detail was 4 hours after a non-consented decision with the Fire Chief. Give me a break…
      This is clearly retaliatory. There is nothing fair or transparent about what is occuring in the FD, uh sorry, FEMS. ” Get backs ” and a hostile workplace might appeal to a small minority on the job but it creates a disfunctional Agency. And yes, after the last group it didn’t have to be this way, as Ellerbe had it handed to him on a platter.

      • who cares

        Wishful thinking!The agency was dysfunctional and had a hostile work environment and filled with racist chiefs like Stern and Sloan already long before Chief Ellerbe. Wow just disreguard the excessive punishment that he played a part in because you’re one of his fan boys. He got what he deserved and now he is crying about it. Oh I see as long as it continues to be black firefighters being disciplined at astronomical rates its okay. Well guess what white firefighters can be disciplined and transfered also. Sterne and Sloan are no longer above the rules and regulations of this department. Stop crying and take your detail!

    • Waiting for the Shoe to Drop

      Wow…36 hours with no discipline problems !! Also, please show us that fair system.

  • 1dctaxpayer

    This is all this poor excuse for a so called Chief knows. Lead by intimidation.
    When is someone going to wake up and realize that he is only here because he is a friend of the corrupt Gray administration? He was never able to make it in the past administrations’ because of his personal vindictiveness attitude. Chief Sloan and Sterne are among the most respected, and experienced chiefs on the job. Jealousy is a terrible thing. Yet more money the D.C. government will pay out in lawsuits.

  • Anonymous

    We have a trifecta DCFD at the top – a spineless operations chief who is going with the program in the hopes that Ellerbe falls, collecting 13K a month with no college or management education. We have a lying and incompetent Medical Director who is like a child tryig to play DC hardball politics instead of being a credible professional. He is killing the paramedics and EMS. We have a hostile, deceiving racist who is the Fire Chief. We have a crony and racist propegandist as the PIO – someone with zero fire service experience.

    …and the worst part about it is we have two and half more years with this mayor. So, what is the Deputy Mayor of Public Safety going to do about it??? If he (Quander) wants to be a judge so badly, he should start judging his subordinates first.

    I challenge anyone, other than the aforementioned to state otherwise. This is a castrophe waiting to happen.

  • Lizard

    I’ve know Kevin for a few years and he is a stand-up guy. You don’t treat your people this way, not in any industry. It’s only a matter of time before Mayor Grey gets indicted and takes POS Ellerbe with him.

  • RJ(in florida)

    now you know LRB is gonna tag this chief bigtime for some BS. i’m still trying to find out if he actually ever held a certificate of complance to be chief in sarasota which is required by law

  • What a Joke…

    News flash anonymous…

    it’s already a ‘catastrophe’.

    • Anonymous

      Well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…

  • Inside looking in

    So now the discipline system is all of a sudden broken. LOL! Folks have testified for years before the Judiciary committee about the unfair and unequal discipline system. That’s why nothing will change on this dept because “personalitys” come into play. And it never will because you have a whole flock of mindless sheep who will follow behind anyone who is a squeaky wheel just to feel like they belong.

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  • SkidMarks

    We all know what’s going on. We have a “leader” who DEMANDS respect rather then one who COMMANDS it! Without his position and title, he’s nobody and he knows it. Why do you think he hardly ever takes off his dress uniform? Because without it, he’s seen as just another person and he can’t stand that. Anyone he believes is a threat or challenge to his status, he will try to beat down. It’s his only hope at staying on top.


    Who cares the statements you have posted in this forum are some of the worst and most ignorant crap I have ever read. Being a DCFD member myself it truly matters not if you are BLACK WHITE YELLOW BLUE or GREEN the current Administrator does not care in the slightest what your ethnicity is all that matters is if you are one of his mindless followers that he can control.If it is found that you do not do as told you will be punished. Since you like to throw the race card I will clue you in to something the Black members on the job that that are all about the job and doing it right hate this guy just as much as anyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don’t even waste your time

    Rescue, don’t even waste your time dude! It is not a secret, Who Cares is one of the mindless followers. Just like the rest of them, what he doesn’t realize is once Kenny Boy is gone….they are left here….with us!!! Now, in us, in no way do I mean the white guys, I mean the guys that are tired of any Chief coming in here and trying to mess up what we have! Luckily, this retard has not affected my firehouse, and the way we do things. Hopefully, the firehouses he has affected come to their senses soon! Don’t change who you are because of this vindictive, so called educated, wanna be Chief!!

    A Chief is a man that opens his mouth and men listen….not one who opens his mouth and out comes nothing but lies and self centered bs!! Oooops, I didn’t mean to say that! Yes I did…I don’t say much, but the time has come, when even I feel compelled to speak up. This tyrant has got to go! This worthless, good for nothing, utter disgrace to the DCFD has to go crawl back under his little desk that he spent his entire career at!!!

    We want Gill!!!! Come back Ronnie!!! Ronnie Gill for Chief of the DCFD!!!

  • welcome to our world

    (Who cares) I couldnt agree with you more. At rescue this, you are wrong in your assesment of black members on the job.This job needed change from the ole “TRADITIONAL” ways of doing business.The department is divided on this issue.There are those who side with the chief because they believe in what he is doing.Than there are those who detest him for any and every reason.Everyone you so call is a good guy,or a hell of a fireman is soooo! subjective. So stop discribing members like that as though everyone is in harmony with your discription of someones character.Theres alot alot of people who dont think that highly of stern, so get down off your high horse and touch mother earth.