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Pre-arrival video: Some green line action at Uniondale, New York house fire.

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Lou Minutoli’s

This video is from Lou Minutoli’s from a house fire on Saturday evening at 200 Fenimore Avenue in Uniondale, New York (Nassau County).

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  • Tom

    Dave check the spelling of Lou’s last nane

    • dave statter

      Good catch. Thanks Tom, just corrected.

  • Sal Brunacini

    i know this clown personally. he should stick to videography. cause he sure as hell isn’t a good fireman.

  • Tom

    It never ceases to amaze me in this day and age of firefighting that there were at least two(2) members of this VFD performing firefighting activities WITHOUT ANY PROTECTIVE CLOTHING. They must be wearing the nomex shorts that are sold at the local Kohl’s store! Come on guys…..act a little more responsible than that!

  • Jerome Smiff

    What power lines?

  • Jimmy

    WOW can they go any slower

  • http://none Engine 5er

    Tell truck guys to shut front door before engine arrives to limit venting the fire.
    Avoid horizonal ventilation with aerial ladder before line is charged.
    Tell people with shorts and t-shirts on to head back to the picnic.

  • Mack Seagrave

    Lot’s of valid comments on issues that need improvement. On the positive side, at least when they finally got around to it they went upstairs and knocked the fire down. Small house, small fire, bread and butter. Glad nobody got hurt.

  • Truckie88

    I always get a good laugh at vollies with beards and an extra 50-100 lbs. Useless soles on the fire ground! A little urgency on the water & they could have made a good stop, that home is now toast

    • BH

      Right. Because there’s never been a fat paid guy, ever. You’re all calendar models.

  • mdff

    Why waste the time raising the aeriel and take out the wires and block egress from that window. Poor grades.

  • Dan

    Wow! How about just a LITTLE bit of sense of urgency????

  • Anonymous

    Why is the aerial main in service on this very small house and at a window where a ground ladder has already been placed. Once again a main is up where it takes walking the main about 60′horizontal walk vs a 16′ ground ladder. Remember guys a main does not always have to be used on single family dwelling and that is why you carry a variety of ground ladders. Be Safe!

  • Capt 45-2

    Was that a 2 1/2 they led off with ???

  • old man1

    I have seen more aggressive firefighting in the boondocks than i saw in this Nassau County community.

  • Scooter

    Great Day Batman… way to long to run the line…. Maybe they should have run the green line in the building….. Strike da Box and please train more…. K

  • Justin Schorr

    Nice to see Rescue 2 on scene there.

  • ENGINE7522

    First arriving engine stretched 1 3/4 reverse lay. Second arriving engine’s personnel stretched 2 1/2 as back up line, that line got filled prior to first line and made entry first. I’m not saying this was the quickest operation ever accomplished but 2 lines were in place and fire was knocked down within a few moments. Lines were in place relatively quick. Granted the members weren’t doing the “PG” grab the line and run ,but the department had 2 lines stretched safely. I will be the first to admit there are many minor to moderate issues in the video, most of which weren’t by department members, but I have seen a lot worse operations on here. Oh and the house has heavy fire damage but is still standing and will be repaired. Stay low and stay safe…….

  • Fair Fight

    I have been an avid follower of Statter911 for about a year now and enjoy the videos and stories Dave posts. I am a career member of a combination department somewhere south of the mason dixon line. I don’t claim to be the worlds greatest firefighter nor do I work for the busiest department in the world. I use this site as another tool in the ole education box. I have never left a comment before but I felt it necessary after reading the comments above. I see this trend every time someone has arrival video or helmet cam video on this site. Apparently everyone here can do it better than the guys that are doing it. I agree there are many things that could be done better and are not always “by the book”. With that being said I challenge anyone who is constantly knocking everyone else to post video of their crew and department doing the “perfect ops” they seem to expect from everyone else. Many places have combination departments which don’t always flow well on the fireground. Some places have more money and training than others. Regardless we are all brothers and we all have the same issues. Judging on the location of this fire I would bet than some if not most of these guys work for FDNY or other major departments in the area but I don’t see anyone knocking the FDNY fire footage when they have no masks on at car fires or during ventilation. I won’t knock them either, they do what they do, they know the risk, and they get the job done. But heaven forbid someone from any department USA gets on here with a helmet cam of a big fire they had and everyone cuts them down. I think anyone willing to post their videos on the net is very proud of their department, regardless of their short comings, and is excited to show their department in action. Have a little respect guys. Don’t act so surprised when we see some errors in these videos. Again I offer the challenge, if your department is so great… where are your videos?

  • Capt 45-2

    Fair Fight, I am definitely not in a large fire department, nor am I carrier (anymore) I take the commentary at face value. I live and work in the NJ, PA, NY region and if you are not getting your stones busted in my world it means you are not accepted in the house. I think most of the “judging” as you call it is an obvious breakdown in the fundamentals that hurt and kill fire fighters every year. This is not an education site and I doubt Dave ever intended it to be but there is a lot to learn here. If you can sort through the bucket heads that never have anything good to say and could not defend a statement if there life depended on it’s all good, I like the atmosphere on STATter I enjoy the battles and some insane statements made but I may be a bit crazy. Stay safe brother

  • Fair Fight

    Capt, I agree ball busting is part of it. If you can’t hack it get out. I have been in houses where being nice to someone meant you didn’t want them there. That I understand. My post was more to make people think about the way the convey their message. For instance on this particular video I agree putting the stick up is a little overboard on a house of this size. This may be an SOP for this department and they don’t have a choice. I know we have some pretty messed up SOPs. The bottom line is there is constructive criticism (harsh or not) and there is “well the ifsta manual says” type comments. I just have to assume alot of these comments come from people that have limited experience. The site is what it is, different personalities is what makes the fire service great. I just think some people need to take a look in the mirror at what they type. If these videos/comments make just one person go back to their own department and make a positive change in their own backyard, mission accomplished in my book. As long as we all go home, that’s what really matters.

  • Capt 45-2

    Fair Fight could not have said it better myself, I know many many fire fighters these videos have effected in a positive manner, it is used a LOT for table top drills and the what would you have done drills.

  • CLT_FF

    Fair Fight…I’m glad you weighed in. Excellent comment and posting. Stay safe.