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Helmet-cam video: Fatal house fire in Manor Township, PA.

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This is from a fire at 300 Redwood Drive on June 9 in Manor Township, PA (Lancaster County) that took the life of 96-year old Luther Killian. The video is from a firefighter on Tower 67 of the Rohrerstown Fire Department.

Rohrerstown Fire Department website:

Tower 67 arrived first with heavy smoke from all sides of a 1 story single family structure. As crews were placing portable ladders, the OIC, Bar-man and Can-man attempted to make entry on the alpha side and were met with heavy fire conditions. Crews backed out and proceeded to the charlie side where the Can-man made entry through a window finding a priority 4 patient. The patient was removed by the Can-man with assistance from Engine 905s crew through the window to members of Tower 66. With the fire well advanced through-out the structure and an increasingly hazardous situation with power surges inside the structure, command requested the evacuation tones and began par-checks.

His daughter, Eileen E. Killian,  managed to escape the flames, which destroyed the family’s 50-year-old home.

When the Blue Rock crew arrived, they got in through a window and pulled Luther  Killian out and into an ambulance, where he was declared dead.

At one point, he said, firefighters sounded horns to withdraw all personnel from  inside the home because conditions were too dangerous.

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  • BH

    Ummm….. Hose? Water? Anybody?

    • BH

      Nevermind, Dave you can delete these.

  • Getreal

    Video looks like a trip into hell.

  • Anonymous

    Good job men. The truck has a job to do no matter what.