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Early video: Vacant house fire in Ottawa.


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Firefighters in Ottawa battle a fire in a vacant house at 841 Grenon Avenue on Sunday afternoon.

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  • Scooter

    Pretty good job running the line…and over all… I liked the zip in their step when running the line and when getting other tools…. when the irons are having a hard time working …..GET THE SAW… Strike Da Box! K

  • E1 LT

    The studies say you can’t push fire. The fire looked like it was pushed when they opened that line.

  • Oh Lord

    Pushing fire????? maybe if it’s a flammable liquids fire…pushing extreme heat & smoke yes. Has the skill of flaking out hose lines died…or don’t they teach new firemen this anymore? Carrying that crosslay, flaking it out along the way and keeping a few extra by the door when it gets charged is much easier then pulling a 150 of charged spaghetti up a hill any day. These chaps did a good job knocking the fire down…eventually. A lot of running back and forth by a lot of these guys too. All in all, be sure to keep up with your skills no matter how green or salty you may be…remember pictures and videos don’t show everything, a lot of good tactics are left un seen but the bad stuff and the wtf stuff will always be captured by the guy/gal recording the film.

    -Be safe out there

  • BH

    Need some work with the irons (actually, irons would imply they had both tools- I only saw a halligan).

    If a piece of plywood on the front of a house can beat you in broad daylight, how are you going to breach a modified steel door in a tight hallway at 3am in a smoke-charged building?

  • Capt 45-2

    Perfect video on art of reading smoke, like chief Dodson says “fire is at the end potential”, what is the smoke telling you?? This one the smoke is yelling at you!!

    • JC

      Capt 45-2, I agree that this was a lesson in reading smoke, but at first sight of the building I would have said the fire was in the two story attic. The smoke was pushing from the eves on the two story part of the house, but from the video, it appears that the fire was contained to the rear one story part of the house. I was disappointed in my own “reading” abilities in this case if what I saw was accurate, but it is difficult to question tactics or fire conditions from this single perspective.

  • Capt 45-2

    I see what you are talking about E1 LT what you are seeing is the 30 degree fog in a window forcing air in the structure. Kind of like a reverse hydraulic vent, the nozzle man quickly adjusts the pattern to a closed pattern.