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Raw video: Prince George’s County, MD house fire


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This video, from ALERTPAGE, is from a house fire on Sunday evening in the 11,500 block of Marjorie Drive in the Mitchellville area of Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Bowie VFD has the following details on its website:

Units arrived on scene to find a 2 story single family home with heavy fire showing from the garage area.  Units on the scene were Engine 806(St.Josephs), Engine 818(Glenndale), Engine 833(Kentland), Engine 846(Kentland), Tower 843, Rescue Engine 833 and Quint 838(Chapel Oaks).  Several command officers including the Southern Division Chief (Chief 833 Kelleher with command) were on the scene.

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  • UGtWtUPa4

    A familiar sound on a PG fireground at :53 into the video. I wonder what prompted that… not doing what they were supposed to be doing? I’m sure it was nice for the neighbors to once again witness the well oiled machine in action. haha.

  • Anonymous

    It sounded as if he said “33, get the “f” out…now.”
    Fire on both levels and in the attic, and the roof is coming in.

  • Rudedawg

    At what point is it proper to say: “Lets pull a big line and put the fire out”? Standing around discussing what to do does not get it done.If after several minutes of firefighting without improvement, the tactics should change.Don’t turn a walk around the block into a marathon.

  • Capt Dick

    Great part time gig- scanner and replacement windows= $

  • jess

    and here we go it the internet critics on how they would have done such a better job and how they know everyting for thought doesnt every fire department in te u.s. have there own tactics just sayin. o btw rudedawg there was a 2inch line on side A but if you were there youd know that.

  • Dickey

    Was that guy chewing a$$ about someone going in after the evacuation order had been given? As if they didn’t hear it the first time? And is that Kentland 33?

    • Doing it

      No Bowie 33.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently none of you put fires out from the inside.

  • Anonymous 2

    The reason they pulled everyone out was the power had not been cut to the residence and a live line was going off in the garage, combined with fire self venting through the roof and possibility of collapse in both the garage (which had the kitchen above it) and the front foyer/living room. Shortly after the stop of the video, offensive attack was started again

  • Joe Taxpayer

    Looks like a typical weekend nighttime operation. It is a wonder the firefighter death/injury rate in PG isn’t higher than it is. looks like more freelancing going on when there should be more let’s get a handle on this thing.

  • Anonymous

    that was my moms house wow