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Video: Hotel full of firefighters has a bit of an emergency during Baltimore thunderstorm.

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A severe thunderstorm caused some problems in Baltimore this evening. It came as thousands of firefighters in town for Firehouse Expo were enjoying their evening activities. The video above shows the problem the storm caused at the Hilton Baltimore. The hotel is owned by the city and is connected to the Baltimore Convention Center.

It was during Firehouse Expo three-years-ago that flooding caused hundreds of thousand of dollars in damage to the upper floors of the hotel. That flooding was caused by vandalism. While no one was charged, city officials publicly linked the act to firefighters.

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  • mark

    Nice to see the rent-a-cops made sure the firemen stayed back and out of the “danger” zone. What would we ever do without security guards?

    Just as an aside, why would a city, any city, own a hotel? (I am sure more of this occurs than I want to know) But when we have private industry that can arguably operate a hotel far better than a gov’t entity and that same gov’t entity is closing firehouses, I see MAJOR issues. How many of the hotel staff were laid off? Could they not close some floors of the hotel so not so much staff was needed?

    I know, I know, FD’s “cost” the gov’t money and the hotelconvention center are revenue generators along the lines of speed traps and red light cameras and all the other taxes they impose on us.

  • MDF

    Hey Violet, that’s ice cream!!!!!!