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Arrival video: House fire Sunday in Dumont, New Jersey.

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Video in two parts from googa0226 at YouTube of a house fire yesterday morning in Dumont, New Jersey.

Rebecca Baker,

The blaze at 60 White Beeches Drive started at about 10:30 a.m. in the master bedroom of the home, Dumont Police Chief Brain Venezio said.

Dumont firefighters were aided by its Volunteer Ambulance Corps and the Tenafly Fire Department FAST Team. Teaneck’s Box 54, an aid truck, was at the scene providing refreshments to the firefighters.

Also posted today by googa0236 is a Dumont house fire from February. It’s below.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Anonymous

    Looked good, until the roof work started. Looks like the need to buy a new saw.

  • John

    Nice job quick knockdown by engine company. Truck ops were good probably would have started saw on the ground lock it go up and cut

  • cappy

    No SCBA on roof ops?????
    Walking over your cut during the vent???

  • firemanwill

    No reason to open that roof up fellas.

    • Matt Pillsbury

      There was literally fire in the roofing material…

  • Rake

    Nice to see good aggressive engine company ops. I’ll let the other Monday Morning QBs critique the truck ops this time.

  • no name

    nice quick knock by the engine guys, but I second the stupidity on the roof. No reason to be there not on air. No reason to walk over your cut above the fire room. Just stupid.

  • mark

    Nice hustle and strong work by the engine crew, they even dropped a supply line.

    Truckies? I’m no expert, but I didn’t see any sounding of the roof, especially over the fire. Not masked up? Really? Stepping on the section that was cut? I’ll cut them some slack on the amount of time it took to get it opened up, saws can be a pain, but that is a good reason to have an axe with you.

    Overall, still a decent fireground, just needs some polishing. Far better than many of the other recent videos.

  • Anonymous

    If you listen to the audio in the first opening seconds you hear Truck 2 to open that roof ASAP. Then a little later the truck starts a cut and reconfirms that they want the roof opened which was confirmed. How they went about doing it needs some work, but no one is perfect.

  • Mark

    Not a fan of roof ops on single family homes

    First in officer in fire room looks like no hood and looked like works gloves and not fire fighting gloves. Small things, but keeps us form spending time in the burn unit!

  • Anonymous

    Take a flathead axe with you.

  • FIRE CHIEF retired

    Great knock down from where I sit with a good job all around and I’d go along with a new chain on the saw and a new roof ladder closer to the cut. :^)

  • Crowbar

    Engine work A
    Truck work D

    • Pedro


  • Jason


  • Ladderman

    13 comments and nobody comments on the missed opportunity for horizontal ventilation?

  • ohio ff

    How long are we going to sit on the roof and smile?? Your done! get off the roof, this is not a place to play. Did not come to work or they would have got the tools they needed and finished the job. As previously stated, good engine work and a bunch of showboating truckies that flop.

    • BH

      The problem is, they weren’t done. The hole never got open as much as they cut. Which happens- when you don’t complete your cuts.

  • Rudedawg

    The axe always starts. Take it with you.

  • Matt

    At one point there were almost more photographers in the front yard than FFs. Dang. As someone who chases a scanner on his off days, I’m glad I don’t have this much competition.
    Truck guys, keep your butts planted in the seat until the rig comes to a stop. If I’m the driver I don’t want doors flying open until I know where I’m going to position my rig.

  • Ironman

    Great knockdown by the Engine. Must admit I dont understand why the Truckies are on the roof after it was opened up. Next time the roofman/team may want to take the irons to the roof. The ax as a Brother pointed out always starts and the halligan’s spike can be buried in the roof to create a platform using the adz to work off when cutting the roof.

  • Anon

    Take a look at 5:31 to 5:32 in the first video… check out the chain on that saw. Gotta agree with the other guys, the axe always starts.

  • Anonymous

    aggressive engine company..truck got to roof fairly fast, but always start saw on ground..even if you shut it off while climbing it usually will start again on first pull…if you wear your mask you probably can see better to cut a more proficient hole, and mask protects eyes as well

  • Anonymous

    Agree w/ all comments concerning truck ops.. Start saw on ground.

  • Anonymous

    Well at least the Engine company did there job.

  • Ironman

    Looks like the Roofman had a problem with the saw even on the ground. Notice he gives 2 pulls before going to the roof and then continues to have problems trying to cut the roof. Maybe a better time to know if a saw if operating is at the start of a tour in the firehouse during equipment check.

    • Oh Lord

      He shouldve used the saw that was running the whole time on the ground next to the gent who was filming this….you could hear it just running during the video.

  • Northern FF

    They had knockdown before the hole was cut.Why vent when it’s pouring out the windows? Traditions, traditions!

  • Oh Lord

    1 point for the Engine Company for getting it knocked but the rest of the teams should be banned in playing firefighter ever again……what a waste of turn out gear and equipment. This is all the CHIEF’s fault for allowing this take place.

    -Be safe out there

  • Robert McGowan

    I agree with everyone else good work by the engine.The truck
    company could use a little refresher course in ladder co
    operations and ventilation practices.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like its venting pretty well out that window. Get a good search in and forget about the roof. Was in Atlanta this past weekend and saw them doing some roof work on a house fire. I have never seen such a well coordinated vent and attack on a fire ( seemed as though they were on the roof and off in about 5 min). Wish we could get some truck work videos from down there.

  • Training

    I know SCBA wait straps are for looks but when you need to move a FF with a pack on and the waist strap is free hanging, the usefullness of a complete harnessed pack can be the difference between quick effective removal and …. Great work of the E company.