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Raw video: Structure fire in Ontario.

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Raw video shot by a neighbor from a fire in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

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  • Agates1272

    They really got in there and knocked her down, eh?

    The only real critique I would offer would be on the plug man. He seemed to take alot of time hooking up to the hydrant.

    That’s it, that’s all I got, eh.

  • Anonymous

    I was the Captain of the Heavy Rescue assigned to the Bravo side exposure unit in this video. The guy hitting the plug was the Captain of the first in crew. Upon arrival there was heavy fire from the front and rear on the first floor so he assigned his crew to make a push through the front while he hit the plug himself. I think the time delay was due to having to direct his crew, handle the radio communications and hit the plug at the same time. This incident went really well for us though and we held it in the main fire unit with some extension to the attic on either side due to the exterior fire spread in the eaves at the rear.

  • Anonymous

    An officer catching a plug and sending his crew in to fight the fire? Why have officers? If he was truly in command his job is to be command and run the incident not hooking up. Let the engineer do that or one of his firefighters. If he was mobile command, then he should have been inside making tactical decisions and keeping an eye on his crews’ safety.