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Green line in action: House fire in Defiance, Ohio.


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A civilian springs into action as his neighbor’s house catches fire.  Before the members of Ohio’s Defiance Fire Department arrive, a civilian uses his garden hose to try and keep the fire in check. A round of applause to our very good friend THE Fire Critic for uncovering this video.

The Crescent-News:

A Defiance home was heavily damaged by fire Tuesday morning. Defiance firefighters were called to the home of Johnny Begley, 923 Ottawa Ave.

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Comments - Add Yours


    After that pissant garden hose stream, you just know the neighbor was GREEN with envy when he saw that FF open up with that handline. “I gotta get me one of them sumbitches.”

    BTW, the green line action on the video is after FD arrival; notice the red handline on the ground in the lower left corner of the screen.

  • slackjawedyokel

    gotta love those tin “roofovers” – heck of a job uprning the gable.

  • Greg

    Thought there was hope when I saw steam pushing out the delta side…but nevermind

  • E1 LT

    Who won the battle of the lines at the end? You know, between the one getting shot in the front gable and the line getting shot out the front gable.

  • FOBS

    You guys are never happy.

    Except for some odd tactics, I saw a fire being extinguished, a supply line laid, almost every firefighter was in proper PPE (except the chief ) and the neighbor y’all are so worried about; he was doing what he had to do. I don’t see the big deal.

    You KICs slay me. Personally, I watch these videos as a training tool, and read the comments for comic relief.

    • CHAOS

      “the neighbor y’all are so worried about” … ??? I was the only one who mentioned him, and I don’t recall giving any impression of being “worried” about him. Thanks for providing your own comic relief.

      BTW, most LODD fires involve extinguishment at some point, supply lines, & “almost evryone” in PPE … just sayin’

  • Sharppointy1

    I had to grin when the green line wielder got the spray through the window from the guys inside. He shook his arm off like my doggie shakes after the sprinklers. I liked the neighbors helping move the car out of the way.