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Must see video: NYPD cop shoots dog. Crowd outraged. But no one seems to care about the man having a seizure in the street.

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Previous column on dog saving her puppies from a house fire

Full video is now posted above

There is controversy over a video that surfaced today of an NYPD officer shooting a pit bull in the head when the dog lunged at the cop on Monday in the East Village. Bystanders at 14th Street and Second Avenue immediately scream at the officer for shooting the dog and it’s making news in New York today.

Much as I did in my post about the dog in Chile who bravely saved her puppies from a fire, I have to question our priorities and compassion as human beings. My observation has absolutely nothing to do with whether the officer was justified in shooting the dog. I will let you all sort that out.

According to the New York Daily News, the dog belonged to a homeless man, Lech Stankiewicz who was apparently having a seizure on the street. The animal was keeping people away who approached Stankiewicz.

As you watch the video, after the pooch is shot, that I can see in the clip not one person checks on Mr. Stankiewicz, who is on his back with his body on the sidewalk and head in the street. No sign of anyone caring about Stankiewicz in this short version of the video or the longer version at where there is 9:49 of raw video (now above). Stankiewicz is in sight for about 5:30 of that video before the videographer is moved back from the scene. Not once do I see anyone kneel down and see how Lech Stankiewicz is doing.

Maybe I’m just screwed up in my priorities and the rest of the world is right (I’ve been told that before) but shouldn’t the bystanders and police show slightly more concern over how the human being is doing over the canine (or at least fake it)? Besides his apparent seizure isn’t it all possible a bullet bounced off the street and struck Lech Stankiewicz? Would anyone there had known it if that happened?

At last word the dog is still alive and so, by the way, in case anyone cares, is Lech Stankiewicz. From the Daily News:

Stankiewicz — who sources said was intoxicated — was taken to Bellevue Hospital  and treated for minor injuries. He was later cuffed on an arrest warrant for an  open container summons, cops.

Longer version of video at

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  • Kdub

    This cop is lucky he didn’t miss and hit the patient or the crowd with the ricochet. He risked the safety of everyone around him to prevent a possible dog bite. What a coward.

    • everyones an expert

      LOL, yeah he’s the coward. Because I see you put yourself in harms way everyday right? Because you are soo expertly trained, you would have waited to get bitten by that pitbull before you protected yourself right? Get a life loser!

      • Anon

        Seems civvies just going out on the streets of NYC put their lives in harms way everyday by just happening to live in a city patrolled by NYPD.

        The whole point of being expertly trained is to prevent incidents like this. Why wasn’t an animal control officer called? Why couldn’t a snare be used?

        Of course the argument against waiting for the right officer/equipment is the urgent need to attend to Stankiewicz, which of course then brings us back to the question posed.

        The fact was it wasn’t handled professionally and it brings into question whether this guy should be a police officer at all if his approach to policing is the law of the instrument.

  • Anonymous

    This is a sick world we live in, God help us

  • Anonymous

    JUSTIFIED !… I am an animal lover but the dog ran at someone and either bit or snarled like he was going to bit someone to the left and made a hard charge at the cop… like he was going to eat his ass…. Hell of a shot by the cop. Sorry about the dog but game on at the point…. I think the poor dog may have been just protecting his down owner.

    Strike Da Box! K and Dave keep us posted please on the outcome of the cops on this one K

  • Johnny Awesome

    Nice Shot…

  • Anonymous

    They needed to shoot that loud mouth b*tch. Dave,PEOPLE ARE STUPID. As for police helping the citizen….. 5 more points.

  • Anonymous

    You go on to say that no one cares for the man experiencing a medical issue. The reason the dog lunged at him was because the officer was approaching the victim which I assume was to check his condition. The shame of the whole thing is that the officer shot a dog on a crowded NYC street. In the sticks where Im from, the dog would have been double tapped to put him out of his misery. I think the cop was 100% in the right. Im a huge dog lover, but as an officer he has a responsibility to protect the public and he can’t do that unless he protects himself. It looks like chaos and I think that’s why there wasn’t a ton of attention paid to the drunk lying in the street.

  • JC

    I too am an animal lover and did not like to see the aftermath of the shooting, but the officer may have been justified, but he also may have been able to exercise some restraint it’s hard to say. The video was hard to watch. Maybe that is why I am a fireman and not a cop.

  • Fat Vollie

    Wow. Just wow. 20/20 hindsight and after action etc., the LE should have considered a taser instead (assuming he had one). He was literally in the perfect zone for the shot.

    While there’s a bit of agenda, this article has some good guidelines on using one on dogs:

    As others have said, the dog already tried to bite at least one samaritan … and may have some negative associations with LE already ;-)

    About the only other thing I found surprising was that none of the 3 LE appeared to do even a peripheral check of the patient.

  • RJ (ex NYer) in florida

    ROFLOL Dave: gordon gekko said it best in wall street NYers, they love animals..they cant stand people

    the lady and the others screaming at the cops who are unfased is priceless..IF i was there i would have said “the dog died because humans are higher up on the food chain

    or…you’re a NYer and live on chinese food and you’re worried about a dog

    or..duh, whay about the person that we cant get to

    we just had a case down here where the family of a dead criminal is suing the cops because they shot and killed the female driver of a getaway car that she was using to run down the cops….they say the cops should have shot out the tires or the engine…priceless

  • Mrguest

    You missed the video with the NYPD & the Ferrari.

  • slackjawedyokel

    If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.

    Mark Twain

  • Eric

    From my understanding, per reports, the dog actually survived the two shots and is in critical condition but stable.

  • Bullets

    NYPD cops dont carry tasers, its a northeast thing…

  • doobis

    Even if they had used a Taser what are they going to do when the charge is finished, cuff the dog? That dog would have been even more pissed and got even more aggressive. Tasers are not some sort of Star Trek like phaser with a stun setting that keeps them unconscious for long periods of time.

  • Dickey

    Well said doobis….Tasers are not the answer to everything. The cop was totally justified in shooting the dog, at least from where I come from. As a former deputy sheriff, there were three major justifications: 1. the man needed help and no one could approach him. 2. There was a woman there that was snapped at and the dog caught her pants, not her flesh. 3. The dog came at the officer. All of these are threats towards public safety. I love dogs, have a black lab myself, but this time they could not wait for animal control to take care of the dog. Trust me, after trying to use pepper spray on 3 dogs, it doesn’t work very well unless you get a direct hit. Even if you do, it doesn’t work for long. Most of NYPD does not carry tasers, at least not yet.

  • mark

    Wow, that was a shot, one that I wouldn’t have taken, no matter how much training I had. The backdrop was far from clear, looks like he could have shot his partner for that matter.

    Do they carry batons? I really don’t understand people’s fear of dogs. Yes, they have strong jaws. But most of the time a swift kick will turn them around. Or a baton.

    Whatever, the dog was following its instincts, protecting his master. Yes, he was chasing people away, but once it was shot no one gave a crap about the guy anyways, so I’m not really sure they had to shoot it. It didn’t actually bite the lady, just chased her off. Someone shoots my dog(s) for protecting their home and master, medical emergency or not, there’s going to be a problem.

    • James

      I have been attacked and bitten by a pit bull running wild on the street in my neighborhood. I would not wish this one anyone. Until the Police KNOW that the dog is no longer a threat to them, they will not turn their back on it. Yes a baton hit might drive the dog off.,,,for a second or 3… Would do no good to be tending to the guy down and get attacked form behind. Totally justified in the shooting, and admirable restraint in NOT taking a second shot, had I been armed in my attack, the dog would have been perforated, as well as the owner who grabbed ME from behind while wrestling with the mangy mutt 2 feet from my baby boy at the time.

  • Jerry T

    Come on Franklin Sexton, you have got to be kidding me, I know it is your job to be able to help the man, who is lieing on the ground having a seizure, but I know you would let the dog tire out or maybe even throw him a bone , but all the while the man is still in need of help. I know firefighters are brave people but hey why don’t you go find a dog that is attacking both women and now you and lets see how you react, I am sure you are saying wait for ES and let them dart the dog then wait for another 30-45 sec for it to take effect, then go and help the man, and let’s not forget the time it takes for ES to arrive, and while the dog is biteing your face off, keep petting him and may be he will stop so you can do your job and treat the person

  • Truckie88

    How many NYPD cops does it take to stand over a seizing man and dead dog? Probably 50 or more! Yes they have batons, you can see one cop doing “crowd control” with his baton extended. I’d bet money all the Anonymous replies to this video are NYPD cops. US is in serious trouble with police state we live in.


      Hey Truckster, Truckman, Truckdude or whatever you pretend to be. You get the award… Actually two. One for being a Flaming Idiot and the second for being Just Another Wannabe. I know… You are just mad because you were just arrested Bethel, SC for pretending to be the police with your volly light. It must be heart breaking that the police confiscated your light bar. I’ll bite and I’ll answer your question. It takes as many as cops to stand around the dead dog and seizing guy as it does for you and your band of retards (vollies) to stand around the last slab that you saved. Yep, we live in a police state but you live in fantasyland.

      • Truckie88

        Quite the personal attack by one of NYC Finest! Interestingly I didn’t even comment if the shooting was justified or how the cops aim at the sidewalk full of bystanders then at each other with their loaded weapons. The fictional story of volley, light bar, arrested, retards is your Fantasyland! Funny how these citizen video cameras are Cops Kryptonite – Dave has shown many videos of cops in action telling people to stop taping or pushing them away from the block. I’d bet Bloomberg Army wished this happened at 3am in a dark alley.

    • RJ(in florida)

      you need to come down here where we have to do this with alligators, its much more fun

  • SFC

    Outstanding shot! The NYPD doesn’t get paid enough to get bitten by a pit bull.

  • wolfcry

    I was in the same situation as a police officer, when I responded to a residence reference a dog complaint, the pit bull came at me also. I would love to put some of these people behind a badge for one day, the police officer is justified in this shooting, he was in fear for his safety, and the safety of others, I was suprised that he didnt fire when he went after the woman. As far as the guy is concerned lying on the sidewalk..well as suing happy americans, we have done that to ourselves, the officer goes over and bends down and tries to help, and he is not trained as a paramedic, he has now gone above and beyond his training..and our worthless pieces of trash lawyers who follow ambulances..(which i have seen personally..guy gets in a wreck, the ambulance pulls up, and two other guys in suits come running up, I thought they were doctors, they were lawyers..putting their cards in the guys hand, laying on the gurney..)..people ..give the police officers a break, they are not machines, sometimes a decision is made in less than a second..I think sometimes we like to second judge other people, to bitch, moan and me a favor, one day just go up to a police officer and tell him thank you..this happened to me one time, sitting in a restraunt after a long hard shift, an old gentleman came up to me and just said thank you..for what you do..I couldnt even eat the rest of my dinner, trying to hold back the tears…

  • John W

    I would not have shot the dog. Not because he was not justified, but because of the location. I probably would have grabbed the dog myself but that is just me. I was more concerned with the fact that I never saw anyone really pay any attention to the man laying on the sidewalk.

  • Sharppointy1

    As a Registered Nurse who worked for 8 years in my city’s homeless clinic, and an animal lover, this video breaks my heart.
    Just like the video where the ESU dropped the back end of the car on the (already dead) bike rider, I think at the bottom this shows an officer trying to clear a hazard to get to the man. But we non rural folks are not used to seeing anything killed, and so the visceral reaction of the crowd turns into screams at the officer.
    What hurts MY heart is Mr Stankiewicz lying seizing in the street, and ignored. Yes, my friends have called me Pollyanna, but I have knelt in the street providing care for seizing intoxicated homeless men, putting my own life at risk. It kills me that a MAN is ignored and people are screaming at the police, not to help the man but for what he did.
    The other part is I know for many persons who are homeless, their pet is the only connection they have to love and companionship. I worry that now Mr Stankiewicz will be without his companion animal unless a benefactor steps in and pays for the dog’s care.
    Very disturbing video. I watched most of it with the sound off. I wonder if any of our NY friends can let us know how the dog is doing, and is there a fund set up for the animal’s care? And more importantly, how is Mr Stankiewicz? Wouldn’t it be lovely tikkun olam if his family or some mensch out there saw this, got him some help for hus substance abuse problems and helped him get back on his feet?

  • emjay

    If you were in the position that the homeless man was would you rather the Police Officer pet the dog or do what he had to to assist you?

  • EngineBoss

    Theres no concern for the skell on the street because he is in that state as a direct result of the decisions he has made in his life. He is well known for substance and alcohol abuse. People have become desensitized to the actions of people. It takes someone attacking a man and eating his face off nowadays to make news worthy enough to make it across the country. Look at videos of people, not just in this country, who see victims of medical emergencies or trauma, passed by like they don’t even exist. The video out of china of the kid who was run over in the street, and cars just drive around him. It’s sad.
    As for the dog… she has no ability to make a life decision. She followed her instinct to protect the one person who cared about her and looked after her, and by not taking care of himself, he put the dog in harms way. People are outraged because the dog was killed for being a dog, and she took a bullet for it. Could the cop have handled it differently? Maybe. I work in a city where the pit bull is the most popular pet. Some of them are kept in horrible conditions. Chained to fences and water pipes in the basement. In 15 years, I’ve never been bitten and never been attacked… not even close. Most of the dogs I manage to pet, play with, and feed a treat before I leave. You have to respect the dog, his territory, and understand the way a dog thinks and what they perceive as a threat. I have four big dogs of my own. You have to understand instincts. When a person is bitten or attacked, almost every time the person is to blame for an attack, not the dog. You cannot walk up on a dog protecting his territory or his master and expect a dog to back down. Animal control should have been called and people should have been ordered to stand back. The dog would not have left his master and attacked someone who was standing away from the owner.
    You may not agree with me, and you may feel the cop had to shoot the dog to render aid to the man, but I see it as a situation that could have been diffused had the police remained calm and kept everyone back and waited for an animal control officer or perhaps a canine officer who is familiar with dogs.
    Since the cop decided to walk up on the dog and challenge him, the dog did what her instincts told her to do… defend her master. The cop acted on his training and took lethal measures to stop the attack. At the end of the day the best you can do is act on your training.
    If the dog makes it, hopefully he is adopted by someone better.

  • Anonymous

    Sharppointy1 for president

  • Quitpointingfingers

    The dog owner is responsible for his dog(PERIOD). The police officer was being responsible and protected the public and himself(PERIOD).

    I am a dog owner and trainer for over twenty two years. I also have been with the human race for over fifty three. My confidence and loyalty is with the dog as we are here to train, guide and provide for them as we have chosen. The owner of this dog was negligent in so many ways for not protecting the dog he chose. The dog was doing his job and so was the cop, the owner was coming off of yet, another drunken and/or drug induced binder is the complete reason this situation happened.

    Dog, cat, horse all pet owners need to be held accountable for their pets actions.

    I hope the dog makes it and is adopted by a responsible owner.

  • WillMega06

    Whoever said “I would have just grabbed the dog” cracks me up, because chances are you would have got a Medic unit called for you attempting to be rescue randy. This is reality folks the food chain and survival of the fittest species is always in effect. I think animals are awesome and should not be neglected, but to save a human life I will cancel Christmas for any animal that wants to bring harm to me or others.

  • Dickey

    Typical big city attitudes both in the video and in the replies here….care more about the animals than people.

  • EngineBoss

    Well Dickey… It depends on the “people”

    Live your life working hard to earn a decent living and have a bunch of people leech off the money you lose in taxes, meanwhile watching a percentage of the population live on the street, relieve themselves right on the sidewalk you have to walk on, tax the EMS system whenever they need to see a doctor, steal stuff you bought and rightfully own, beat up, shoot, stab, rob people, and use and sell drugs, you begin to have a certain hatred for those that are bringing society down. People who have learned to work the system to survive, and never have to work a day in their life for it.
    When these peoples lives start to affect the lives of good, honest, hard working americans, our attitudes change.
    A good majority of Americans love domesticated animals. When we see animals living in squalor, or in this case shot because the pos who “owns” him passes out in the middle of a busy street and the only thing the cop knows to do is to shoot the dog, of course people are going to get pissed. Its simply another case of an animal getting the short end of the stick because their owner, who is supposed to be a responsible caretaker, simply does not fulfill his obligation.
    Maybe in suburbia you don’t see the problems of an inner city through the trees surrounding you… But this is just a fact of life. I understand the cop had to shoot the dog to avoid being bitten. However, as I stated in my previous post, if the cop kept people away and waited for an animal control officer, there is a good chance the outcome would have been better.
    If you have millions of people surrounding your mcmansion and they were eating your trash, taking a dump or a leak on your steps, passing out drunk and throwing up all over your sidewalk, having sex or sleeping on your lawn furniture, buying food at the supermarket in line in front of you with a welfare card with money you earned, stealing your stuff, shooting, stabbing, and robbing you and your neighbors, and raising vicious dogs that will attack you if you come near them… You just might care a little less about them. I didn’t even touch on the dogfighting rings… Wonder how you’d feel if some loser stole your dog to use it to train theirs how to kill it.
    Welcome to 2012. You’re not im kansas anymore, toto

  • John G

    #1 Homeless man in America. Just wrong.
    #2 Homeless man has a dog?
    #3 The only one caring for the Homeless man is the Dog & the Officer. ( Anyone with a belt could have caught that dog and swung it atound until it stopped it’s behavior. Dogs don’t fly.)
    #4 Humans before animals. ALWAYS.
    I’m done.

  • Anonymous

    As a family of NYPD officers…it is unbelievable to listen to the remarks in the video. Every night we go to sleep praying that our loved ones come home safe. Have you seen hoe many officers have been shot, stabbed and sadly killed. That dog went right for the officer. Give me a break. He is my hero!

  • Paul B

    I have to comment on 2 things right off the bat. I have been a Police Officer for 18 years.
    First off,I have been in a situation where a pit bull tried to attack me after mauliing a small dog and a woman. It is not a pleasent experience and I implore any of these people in the video to try it one day. Stand about 15 feet from a vicious dog and watch as he charges you. You have less than a second to react. I think it is pretty clear, that at that moment you need to protect your life. Ya Ya I know, the dog will only bite you. Maybe he will only take a hand or a chunk of leg. Please People!!!!!!!!
    I don’t care what any of these talking heads in the crowd say. As said here numerous times. Wear our shoes for just one day please. I would love to know what these “talking heads” would do if faced with these split second decisions. And as far as this Franklin guy from Chino Valley Fire District. You obviously have issues with Police Officers. You are an Engineer? your a joke Buddy. A person who sits around and comments about something he knows nothing about. And I would love to see you trying to get water when its blowing out 6 windows at 3am. Climb back in your hole J/O!
    and the last comment is about the seizure victim. Could the Police Officers involved in the shooting treat the victim? It does appear that they didnt attempt to treat him right away. But you are talking about 2 guys who are in a stressful situation and are handling the crowd as opposed to the victim. All I can say is that it seemed from the video that they had there hands full. Numerous people screaming at them and a bus full of people watching. I know Franklin from Chino has never had this situation, but any chance they were worried about someone else using this opportunity to take out a Cop. Im not 100 percentsure but just off the top of my head, About 25 Cops have been shot this year in NYC. Its not something Chino Valley residents have to worry about. But here in Metro NY. It happens every day. So lets be thankful that nobody died or was seriously hurt.

  • mick

    For all the know it all’s defending this useless cop for shooting a poor dog in the head because it was a ” vicious blood thirsty pit bull” realize that it wasn’t even a pit bull but a boxer.

  • Peter Jennings

    What a callous bastard. NYPD cops are behaving like little girls these days. They would rather kill something with a gun than risk getting a scratch. They could easily have called somebody in the dog squad to placate the dog.

    It seems to me that the people who need to hand in their guns are the police as they have no control over where and when they use this deadly weapon. Grow up NYPD and grow some balls. Land of the free? home of the brave? don’t make me laugh.

  • Ethan Glover

    Situation could’ve easily been handled better, but cops are trained only to shoot dogs, it’s an automatic/muscle memory response for them. As for the guy, I don’t know, the dog won’t let anyone get close to him (I don’t think).

    I think the emotion over the dogs comes in when that annoying woman incessantly screams, “WHY ARE YOU SHOOTING HIM?!” Why are you yelling, ya’ dumb broad? What was that woman doing standing next to the dog in the first place?

    Lot’s of stupid in the video, I’m not sure what to think about it.

  • Eric

    Cops are becoming as scary as the criminals!