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‘I’m Salty & I Know It': A music video from the folks who brought you ‘My Knee Hurts Now’.

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Watch “My Knee Hurts Now”

For some reason my first attempt at posting this just vanished into the digital wasteland. Here’s attempt number two.

“This is “I’m Salty And I Know It”, a new video from Firefighter Brent Fenton and Plugs and Hoses Records. You may recall that these are the people who produced the popular satire a-year-ago on 911 abusers called “My Knee Hurts Now.” Despite it having a troubled start due to some local hard feelings, “My Knee Hurts Now” has more than 157,000 views.

Here’s how Brent describes the latest video:

Everybody has those salty dogs, or the guys with two years on who think they are salty.  This is a tribute to all the “Salty Dogs” out there.  You do not have to look far to find comedy in the fire station.  I hope everyone can laugh at themselves, and enjoy the video.  Stay safe my friends. 

Click here for the lyrics.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • David Mitchell

    Very entertaining (and so true)! Thanks for posting it…

  • Capt 45-2

    I feel dumber just watching it!!
    Very disappointing,, could of done sooo much better
    from a proud salty vet

  • Legeros

    The Iron Fireman is secretly a rapper?! Who knew. Wonder what other alter-egos are out there…

    • FMCH6444

      Perhaps, but I think The Fire Critic is secretly trying to look older. Then again, I dunno if he’s old enough to ride a Harley.

      • dave statter

        He did get his license on his 16th birthday last year but he needs a leg up to get on it.


  • Dep. Chief

    So funny! Love it!

  • FOBS

    Great video, and so very, very true.

    That cheesy mustache looks familiar, kinda an East Coast thing, yo! ;)

    Salty fire dogs are the coolest!

  • RJ(in florida)

    Very Funny..its right up there with hitler ranting about FD priorities

  • ShamrockDriver

    If they had of made ref. to gingers I’d of called my lawyer. I dread going in to work next shift. I’ll be shown this by the WHOLE crew. Multiple times. ALL DAY LONG. Oh well, one day they will be old(er) too. Keep ‘em coming!

    • dave statter

      Hah! So sorry to cause you such hardship.


  • Salty Dawg

    Sounds like Capt. 45-2 is one of those “salty dogs” who shouldn’t have watched!

    I have 29 years on the job and think this video is hilarious and VERY accurate. Absolutely love the toilet paper bit. There is one of those in every station!

    • ShamrockDriver

      So true. So true. Not too far behind you (24 yrs this Dec). Agree with you all the way.