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Opening walls & checking for extension … of the kitten. A Los Angeles County FD animal rescue.

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Really, what has this site become? It seems like only yesterday that Dave was criticizing the public’s unending desire to be emotionally drawn in and entertained by animal rescues as opposed to having the same compassion for humans. Then, all of sudden becomes Animal Planet with various animal rescue videos. Now, another one.

The people who posted this video of a kitten being rescued from the walls of a home thank the captain, engineer and three firefighters from Station 171. They don’t indicate what jurisdiction, but that sure appears to be the patch of the Los Angeles County Fire Department on the uniform shirt of some of these firefighters. Fire Station 171 is one of the Inglewood stations.

And, as for our little sociology experiment we ran five-days-ago showing two videos, a blind dog rescued from a well and a mother and and two little kids from a river, we have some results. Looking at the stats it appears that the views coming from were about equal for both videos. But overall the human rescue had about twice as much traffic as the blind dog video. So much for my theories.

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  • Crowbar

    A life saved is a life saved.

  • Left Coast

    Dave that’s definitely LACoFD Station 171 in Inglewood just a few miles southwest of Downtown LA. Nice save boys.

  • John

    Smart use of the TIC, helped keep damage to a minimum and easily repairable. My Dept would have probably pulled half the wall down with hooks, or cut the kitty’s head off with an axe.

  • Paul

    Most people do not realize that cats (and dogs) are truely a part of the “family” structure. Kudos to the FD for the great job done.