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Mayday radio traffic: Two-alarm house fire in Fairfax County, Virginia. Lieutenant falls though third floor.

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This is from a two-alarm house fire yesterday evening in Fairfax County, Virginia. The fire was reported at 7:47 PM in the 6600 block of Forsythia Street in Springfield.

At about 6:35 in the recording (from via ) Engine 405 reported to command, “From what I can see, Baker quadrant, number two floor, floor is unstable”. Command announced that message to the fireground with the report that the “bulk of the fire is knocked down”. The mayday is the very next series of transmissions starting at 7:23 in the recording as a firefighter with Truck 405 reported his officer fell through the third floor and was either on the second floor or first floor. Rescue Squad 426 quickly reported they have the downed firefighter and were bringing him to the front door.

Sherell Williams & Beth Lawton, Kingstowne-Rose Hill Patch:

Battalion Chief Richard Roatch confirmed that a firefighter was in the home battling the blaze when he was injured. The firefighter was sent to the hospital with injuries that were not considered life-threatening. The cost of damage to the home is unclear at this time.  

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  • No Name

    Nice job to the command officer for requesting the second alarm assignment early on. That was a very proactive move. I also think that there was great communication of the unsafe floor conditions. I wasn’t there so I am not critiquing why they were where they where knowing the floor in the structure was questionable. I thought the Mayday from the bucket fireman was very well done. I think all crews did a great job with accountability and my hat is off for a rapid removal of the fallen officer. Great job and I’m very glad I didn’t listen to this recording go a different way, which we all know it easily could have. “Everyone Goes Home”

  • Mike

    Sounds like a very well run operation from the start. This should be how all firegrounds are run- with competence and units performing their assigned duties rather than freelancing and units talking all over each other.Glad to hear the downed firefighter was quickly located and removed and that his injuries were non life threatening.


    that is why we do trainning so you will be ready for something like this. GOOD JOB TO EVERYONE WHO WAS ON THE SCENE OF THIS.

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