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Helmet-cam: House fire in Florala, Alabama.

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Video by  of a house fire on August 30 handled by Alabama’s Florala Fire Department and the Lockhart Fire Department. 

From the description with the video:

Two 1.5″ attack lines were pulled and one 2.5″ attack line was pulled and approximately 3500 gallons of water was used to extinguish blaze. Two exposures were partially damaged (melted siding) with the nearest exposure being a house next door about 20 feet away. Sorry for cutting it short, but I accidentally pressed the power off button on my helmet camera.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • TNFF

    As always, why post some of these videos? Charged the 2.5″ before stretching the line out and before getting untucked from the nozzle.

  • Charles P

    My question is why the Nozzle and hose tied together and them needing a knife to cut?

    • VolFFinNC

      I was going to ask the same thing.

      I’ve never seen any other department tie the hose and nozzle together like that. Adding rope that needs to be cut/untied only adds more work for their FF stretching the line and not to mention time not spent putting water on the fire.

      That just makes no sense to me and when I saw that it was tied the first thing that popped into my head was “Why did they do that?”.

      Does anyone on here know of any other departments that do such a thing?

      • Anonymous

        I’ve seen some departments here on the left coast do that with their bulk beds. They’ll bundle the first 50′ together and untie it BEFORE it is charged. Usually just one tie with a slipknot.

        • VolFFinNC

          That’s what I thought maybe they did at first and could understand that but when he started asking for a knife in order to cut it and everyone just kinda stood around patting their pockets, not to mention they started charging and calling for it to be charged before they were even ready, just another “What were they thinking?!” moments.

      • CHAOS

        Yeah, that tie job really sped things up, didn’t it? 3 guys looking at each other patting their pockets. Very curious.
        I did like the Hose Valet on the first line:
        “Here you are, sir. Here’s your nozzle, sir. Yes, sir, air bled out, ready to go, sir. Yes, sir, one little kink back there. Sorry, sir, I’ll try to do better next time, sir.”

  • SouthJerseyFF-EMT

    Wow. With that much fire on arrival the 2.5 should have been deployed FIRST. That 1.5 line would have best been used as exposure protection, especially on that large propane cylinder between the fire building & the exposed dwelling. And to echo earlier comments WHY on earth would you tie a nozzle to a line like that?! Also, did anyone notice when the cameraman said he was pulling a larger line the one guy just shook his head & snapped a picture? Nice.

  • Capt 45-2

    If you cannot afford a radio system learn and practice hand signals, if I heard “mumble mumble mumble” followed by a “HAAAAAAA” one more time I swear. Seems to me it is a very young inexperienced crew mixed with no leadership which is a recipe for disaster. I cannot fault the crew one hundred percent, the department let these young fire fighters down as well.

  • BH

    Pump operator doesn’t look old enough to buy a lottery ticket.

  • slackjawedyokel

    Nice equipment -ill give them that.

  • RJ(in florida)

    for a change i watched the entire video and read the comments before i decided to comment and….aw everybody saw and thought what i thought too

    with that amount of fire, the duce and a half should have been the first line off the truck