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Burning them six at a time in Detroit. Three separate boxes operating in three block area.

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For pictures of the Detroit Fire Department in action check out Detroit Fireground Images from Dennis Walus

News reports indicate there have been at least 30 suspicious structure and vehicle fires Detroit over the past day, with 11 occurring overnight.   has video from what turned out to be three separate firegrounds in about a three block area as six vacant dwellings burned last night starting around 9:45 PM. The first dispatch was for Hasse and Nancy. Here’s some of the description with the video:

First arriving company reported three dwellings going, and a short time later, reported an additional fire two blocks away in a dwelling on Lamont Street. A second box was dispatched to the scene; while enroute, a third box was requested for another vacant dwelling burning on Healy Street, located in between the two fires already dispatched. Due to miscommunications it was nearly 30 minutes before a third box alarm was sent for the fire on Healy. 

One of the vehicle fires overnight had a woman inside who had been shot to death. A man was also wounded in the incident.

Below is news chopper video of another fire around 6:20 this morning near I-94 and Van Dyke.

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  • firefighthero

    You gotta “feel” for the Detroit boys. They are lacking in good equipment and manpower yet get out and get the job done. True professionalism.

  • 7house

    Don’t forget other urban areas that are in the same situation and don’t make the news. We all know about Detroit but what about Flint, Gary & Youngstown?

  • BH

    I would have figured that gas was too expensive for this much arson. Heh.

  • ltfd seattle

    Detroit, an American tragedy indeed.

  • firefighter

    And its not even Halloween yet.

    • mark

      Training for upcoming Devil’s night arsonists.

  • Ladder 41

    I work in A city in NJ Irvington that mirrors Camden NJ. Very busy low on manpower. Same song and dance everywhere. Sorry guys were in this alone all we have is each other.