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Arrival video: Multi-alarm condo fire in Ocean City, Maryland.

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More video from the fire

Video above by and video below by regular contributor  of a fire Wednesday evening in Ocean City, Maryland (later video from Jeff at the scene can be found here).


Multiple fire companies are on the scene of a 2-alarm fire in Ocean City at Bradley on the Bay Condominiums on 37th Street.

According to the Ocean City Fire Department, the call came in for the fire just before 6 p.m. Wednesday night.


Ocean City firefighters were battling a two-alarm fire at the Bradley-On-The-Bay Condominiums, which broke out Wednesday afternoon.

Steve Price, spokesman for the Ocean City Fire Department, said that several families were safely evacuated from the three-story, 15-unit structure. No injuries were reported but the blaze involved at least nine units on the top and second floors of the building, which is located at 37th Street and Coastal Highway.

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  • Elwood

    Wow. This is directly across the street from where I stay down there on vacation. A month ago this place would’ve been full. This is, more or less, right on the water. I’m sure the ocean breeze played a big factor in the rapid spread. Ironically, this is right next door to the convention center where they host the Delmarva Firemen’s convention every year.

    • Yardbird

      Sounds like the ocean is closer than the first-in engine!

  • Robert Kramer

    I had high hopes, but I am not impressed. I know it looks scary, but most of that fire was on the exterior and running the overhang. There was only one condo that was well off, at least in the initial video.

    Go up there with your line and put it out.

  • Fred

    They arrived to find one dead hydrant. Then they found water pressure problems with other hydrants.
    I know everyone will find this hard to believe but first arriving units had police cars in the way. When they asked communications to tell the police to move there cars the response came back the police were in the fire building the keys are in the cars they could move them.

    • mark

      Been there, done that. Moving the cop cars, that is. Air packs don’t fit worth a crap in the front seats of cruisers.

      Sometimes I think we should just start putting our bumpers to good use, does anyone think that might give the proper message once and for all?

      • Gil

        start them up and put them in drive and let them go on their own.

    • JC

      I would have moved the cop cars so far away, they would have never found them again.

  • Wilson Says

    What the hell is the purpose of the police responding to a fire? In most cases all they are is another face in the crowd standing around, and like in this call park right in the DAM WAY! It is absolutely time for the BIG RED truck bumper to do its thing! At last check havent seen a police car yet that carries hose and water? When the PD arrive at their next police call maybe they will find Big Red there first $@%*&$! things up!

  • cb

    Have these firefighters ever been introduced to a 2 and a half line? Looks like its their first time using one. Get it together guys, the fire scene is not the place to learn how to handle a hose line properly!

  • RJ(in florida)

    I guess “let it burn week” is over. Despite the on scene problems they used a duce and a half and got a quick kill on the exterior, too bad the wind didnt help with visability, GOOD JOB OC!

  • NJ firefighter

    I arrived at a fire in my POV and was assigned to move patrol cars out of the way . I accidenlty locked the keys in the cars .

  • CLT_FF

    Big fire, big water…looks like it was moving down the breezeway and at least 1-2 condos were burning. Get up there, knock it down along the breeze way and get in those Condo’s and knock it down. Simultaneous attack on the attic space above as well (if involved) and your fire is out. I hate to say it, but this fire could be stopped with two crews and aggressive attack, at least in our city.

  • SFC

    As a K.I.C. in training, I would have positioned the 1st due engine to use it’s deckgun and also left room for the truck.

  • Captain Retired NJ

    Though their reputation is good, this fire seemed like one of those “bad days” we have all had. Who checks the hydrants and does water flows for GPM capability in Ocean City?
    Dead hydrants can be checked and repaired before the emerency happens. Is there a water authority there that also inspects the fire hydrants for function? LOcally where I used to work, the FD and the water company both do annual hydrant inspections for proper function and draining. Fire Prevention follows up with written notices and telephone reporting of defective hydrants with timely re-inspections and follow-up. Way too long to get water on this fire in my opinion.

  • firemark

    Or maybe sweep it with a deck gun and tank water. Buy some time while everything gets put in place. Remove the fire and everything else gets better.

  • Anonymous

    Why would you NOT darken this down with a deck gun and then take a line inside if there really only is one apartment going?

  • MoneyMgr

    i’d have taken that first in engine and pulled past the main fire building to the gap between the fire building and the delta exposure. put the deck gun in service to blitz the fire on the A side and protect the exposure. Tank water could have put a good hit on it. then, while you’re waiting for your water supply start making the stretch. Kamon!!

  • Anonymous

    Could have positioned the first engine to use the deck gun…

  • Tree

    I’ll not fault the cops – somebody did say they were checking the building for occupants. Granted, they could have parked their cars out of the way, but that’s a communications issue before the incident.

    Cops are usually on duty 24/7, something volunteer FD’s aren’t. They are also usually roving, so even if they were in front of a staffed firehouse when both PD and FD were notified of the alarm, they’re gonna beat the BRTs to the scene.

    Parking in our way = bad. Getting people out of a building so we don’t have to rescue (or recover) them later = good.

  • Sons of fire

    From what I have learned that these are called STACK SHACKS which are trailors staked on top of each other with common cock loft and gaps and fire chases thew out and are famous for walking quick and fast..

  • Anonymous

    I would imagine that Ocean City has differing water capacities for on and off season. That town is nearly dead after labor day. Does the water department lower the output of the pumping stations in the off season??? Just a thought from someone who didn’t even watch the video.

  • Anonymous

    Mike Lowery would have been in there gettin’ it if he was working.

  • Damn!

    Your right about Lowery could use alot more like him on this one. Guys like him on the fire truck different outcome even with water problems.

  • FactChecker102

    In the first video, I did not see any police blocking the pumper or the emergency SUVs. It did seem to take a long time to get a line stretched. Even if there was a bad hydrant, as others have mentioned, nearly every pumper in the USA carries 500 to 1000 gallons of water.

  • no name

    As much of this big guy get in there and put it out stuff Im reading, I am actually happy to see the OIC use his head and go defensive. Water supply issues and limited resources kill firefighters. As far as using the tank water, I agree, for a deck gun or a blitz fire, but not on an interior attack with no established water supply. You rush your crew of two up there with 500 gallons of water and fire in a common attic. What happens when your 500 gallons is gone? Or what happens whan that ocean front wind picks up out of no where. I say all things considered, great job OCFD.

  • Brian Haggerty

    Wow, once again we find the peanut factory bitching about the cops. Idiots like you guys are why there are problems between departments. Let the car roll away. Great idea, maybe it hits someone. Yeah, push the police car with the fire truck bumper. Your ass gets fired for destroying city property. Ive been a cop for almost 30 years. The community I work in all work together nicely. Cops arrive first we evac people. We carry 10lb dry chem with us for safety and sometimes we even put out small fires. Then we help the FD with crowds, carrying equipment if they are short handed. We respond to most major medical calls and carry, perform CPR and on a few occasions I even had to drive the ambulance a few times and drag a few hoses. WE work together……..We communicate, we don’t fight and whine like little babies. My son is a new firefighter. We talk about both sides of the job. Cops piss and moan about fireman on 24 hrs shift get to sleep, fireman piss and moan about where we park. The list goes on but is always the same stupid list of complaints. Lack of playing in the sandbox together nicely and saying stupid shit on web pages. Grow up please. Both agencies are to serve the public and save lives. And I love all the arm chair quarterbacking. You guys are brutal. I’m sure these guys didn’t let the fire burn just for thrills. They do things their way to the best of their ability like we all try. They had issues with water. Give them a friggin break. No one died or was seriously injured. Great job. All that counts.

    • CHAOS

      So you’e saying the idea of cops parking in bad spots is just “pissing and moaning”??
      Having never been to a police academy, I’ll just go out on a limb and guess that cops can accomplish the same helpful things without blocking up the works with their vehicles. Just a guess …

  • http://AOL john shipley