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Raw video: Anne Arundel County, MD two-alarm apartment fire with transition to defensive operations.

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Shawn Coleman posted this video on his  YouTube channel of a two-alarm fire in Odenton, Maryland (Anne Arundel County) yesterday afternoon. The air horns sound at 1:32 in the video.

Here’s Shawn’s description:

Units from Company 28 arrived with heavy fire from Side Charlie of the 3 story apartment/condo type structure. An aggressive interior attack was made but crews were eventually evacuated. Conditions were very windy on the scene as a storm was approaching the area. Once the exterior attack was made the fire was darkened down and crews soon thereafter made entry to mop up. Red Cross was notified, BGE gas & electric were on scene, and a County Building Inspector was requested. The incident went to a full 2nd Alarm with a special call for 3 additional engines later in the incident.

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Jake

    Ready Set GO!

  • Sally

    Ya gotta hate lightweight wood trusses three floors up in the attic space. Nothing good about it.

  • bcfdhosehumper

    2 ladders to the 3rd floor c side??? 2! Thank God that they evacuated so fast imagine if someone needed to bail from the 3rd floor.

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  • D Schaefer

    It got away from them real quick.

  • Anonymous

    perfect example of horrible truck work…that fire could’ve been held in check. what an embarrassment. AA CO has been known for its parking lot tactics and it shows..

  • Smudge

    Just enough wind and just enough sawdust and glue construction.

  • Art of Fire

    Yeah, AA has cornered the market on burning the roof off garden style apartments. Right.

    • Doing It.

      They may not have a monopoly on it, but they sure are market leaders in burning the roof off any structure with a hint of smoke in it.

  • Big Mose

    Another geat case for automatic sprinklers! When are we gonna wise up??

    • PO/FADO

      Fully sprinklered building. Started on the deck and went straight thru the soffitts into the attic. No fire stops in the attic and a thunderstorm (wind) approaching equals a rapidly moving fire. They tried….hard….

  • Anonymous

    they should have tried harder, get some better apparatus placement when you know you have a history of burning things down, and at least make it look like you are trying. Thats the most ladders thrown in AACO in the last 10 years.