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Raw video & fireground audio: Baltimore rowhouse fire.

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Video from  of a fire in Thursday at 1405 West Mosher Street in Baltimore, Maryland.

From the description with the video:

Engine 8 and Truck 10 were first arriving and encountered heavy fire conditions on the first floor extending to upper floors.  It was found that this was a NG fed fire from a broken pipe

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  • Scooter

    Nice job…aggressive firefighting, training and following you’re company assignments make a job run smooth… nice job boys…. and Strike Da Box!K

  • panthermedic

    I though truck 10 was slated for closure over the summer?

  • Pipeman27

    What’s the status of the ‘closed’ companies?

  • http://denise mdff

    Where was Engine 8? Wasn’t Truck 10 suppose to disband?

  • E24 4 ever

    attack looks a little slow i thought bmore was good at this looks like a waste for a vacant anyway surround and drown all the brothers go home

    • Coal Cracker

      Ummm… Surround and drown is a little difficult with a row home! I guess there’s always the end of the block though right?

  • RustyShackleford

    ^^^^ This dude must ride a medic unit… Coward..
    Oh and 10 Truck will remain open.

    • E24 4 ever

      75% of runs are ems. So yes I ride the medic unit to help people. Something you didn’t sign up for I’m assuming. And I have seen these city medics at work. And they are more efficient then the firefighters. So stop wishing you were truck 8 or engine 10

      • BmoreCareful

        Its Engine 8 10 Truck moron.