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Live coverage of the 2012 National Fallen Firefighters Foundation’s Memorial Service

Live video begins at 10:00 a.m.


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  • Anonymous

    How come when most ladder pipes go up they flow water down onto the roof that keeps water out allowing the fire to spread… instead of flowing water up and under the roof through the windows or roofs edge…. Strike Da Box K

  • Puzzled

    Ok Dave, I must be getting old. I’m not sure what the preceeding comment has to do with the memorial service.
    But I would like to comment and commend you for not talking through the memorial service as had been done in years past. It’s not that what you were talking about wasn’t important, but it was distracting. Good job. The tribute to brother Hal was… WOW.

    • dave statter

      You won’t get an argument from me.

  • Northern Chief


    great Job to you and your partner on the Memorial. I serve as a Family Escort and as always am very impressed with the program. Too bad it was indoors, but, it certainly didn’t dampen the spirits. Again, thank you for all your work with the Foundation and keep up the great job reporting..

    • dave statter

      Thanks. You’ve got the harder and much more important job for the weekend. Thank you for doing what you do.



    Excellent work, as always, Dave.
    Never forget.